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it's a lady's car?
+1stitchy, it's a brick wall...
along these lines...
looks different to a goyserer. no flap. jerry will tell us.
too much going on, imo.
ah, ok. you're right. they're not bad. st. crispin's is pushing the envelope. that's for sure.
sure. vass' rendition is to be close to the original which is a mocassin like style as stated in vox's write up, nothing else. actually, it depends on the last, not? look out for gdl203's and we can talk again.nothing austrian-hungarian about the norweger. afaik, it initally found his way in our terroir as a boot, a working boot and got urbanized. i'll check that, mebbe.
noice, don't mind the toe shine, though.
op - don't buy with your eyes only...
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