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i'm torn between meermin and AE colourwise. last shape and execution really looks good on the meermins. wear them in good health.
i couldn't resist. 911 is a good pal. no offense intended.
+1, play of words: sock repair iroh, har har
now, i'm waiting for the other double s
I may not. I had the pleasure to visit their showroom in Vienna on courtesy of fellow member medtech expat and on invitation of philipp car. medtech had an appointment for a fitting and was so kind to take me with him. we had a great time. shoelovers united.
very nice. actually gshen was tagged on facebook, so i saw the circle a few days ago
from what is shown here. meermin is very good, but i doubt they can hold the price level. actually, a step or two below SC though. different niche and target group.
i wouldn't bet on this.
exactly. it completes the Dover. it's a self-contained model. heureka
+1, he's very good at that.
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