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quoted for pureness. the se.iest shoe posted on sf.congrats to you greg, you did an amzing job.
depends of who said that? and not exactly.pliny is very good regarding these two lasts and he'll likely chime in on this.
short excursus: I have a personal philosophy. there's one way to do a thing right. this is the receipe, plan, user manual etc., etc. this is the point of departure.from there you can make it outstanding or really bad. it costs the same amount of time and effort.recently a producer asked me about my opinion of his product. nothing special but it fittet into his target group and afaik he succeeds. what we've done was to talk about the basic conditions and the product was...
meow, meow. not to disappoint you mates. there's a principle i'm unlikely to break anytime soon. I do not order shoes from the distance, sorry. If you find my commentaries usefuel, I'm happy to swing buy from time to time. no worries.
ah, i see.
transition from alden finished, congrats.
i assume SA is a good catholic then...
Guyla Kiss, one of the greatest I have ever met. certainly, I'm biased, though. I've seen the work frome some of the best in the world in flesh, so I allow myself this judgement. the back strap is tradition and I love it. not sure what you mean by the kissing toe seam?it's the arrangement of the pic and the quality of the pic. ap never had the depth and never pictured boxes.not a fan, oh well. i'm happy, when you guys are happy. never forget, we, who write and participate...
iirc, this picture belongs to harrydog. a picture is like a genetical fingerprint and this carries the handwriting of HD, imo.
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