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jesus christ
depends on the haferlschuh...
you're welcome.
from what i've read and what people told me via pm it's absolutely the case.one source of failure is that people buy with their eyes instead what their feet demand. if you start with a complex last and a complicated mto your chances to fail are bigger than otherwise.keep it simple with your first order and go from there. rule of thumb: a wingtip is easier to fit than a cap toe. the guys at vass know their product well and can help you on that.
looks good
yes there are more than one. every region has his distinvtive dress. so expect around 50 different. double this for holidays and work days.what would not work?
tbh, i don't think so...
why do you hate this thread so much?
i stand to it: one of the best.
wir sind alle deitsch.
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