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no, i don't hate dainite. it doesn't work on ice and snow. it's very good in rainy conditions, though. it's no rocket science.
we had that before. on real snowy and icy conditions nothing is really good... dainite is one of the worst, though.
imo, it's more pleasing than averna, though.
dainite with snow&ice. welcome to the slippery slope party
he fwocked up a simple order. we all make mistakes...
oh thank you lord.
normally, i do not bring a pm to the public. in this case it is of wider interest... Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it especially from someone so knowledgable on Astro Hungarian shoemaking. thank you for your kind words. it's not false that i gathered some knowledge in this field over the years. one of the secrets of success is that i took my time and learned it step by step. mostly small steps. My idea is for each last in their sizes to be sketched on...
zoing, i would have taken a pair out of your hands. a real vintage with the old quality. it can be beaten. i have good cobblers at hand. fingers crossed.
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