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tacky. on the other hand my architecture friend loves them for their simplicity. go figure.
alright, but is foo right or did he just gain weight. i mean... you know, that your statement means a lot to me.
special makeup, imo. special request. by default RTW ends at EU 45/46.
all of them are "good". really depends on your measurements, imo.
only because US banks cannot handle international standards, don't blame VASS, please. ty.
i can see your point. cannot approve, though. nvm.
I wouldn't wear them in any case. nvm.
i don't trust in this, nvm.
don't you have the choice?
alright, i still prefer vibram. more history involved.imo, a sewn rubber sole is a bad idea. vibram only does it on a very special make up, nvm.
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