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which is a very good thing. burgundy should look like burgundy and not like aubergine or whatever shit "some" have on their mind.
a little feedback after a few wearings. actually, they can really take it and it's obvious that they don't "need" a lot of care, if any...?i'll try the the Burgol cleanser tomorrow, which supplies nourishing agents. that should it be for the moment. i'll let you know. stay tuned
I'm afraid, I'll never get behind this thinking.
model? style?
this was my point as you mentioned, you got them on discount and the quality is there. got it?
alright. I'm not so familiar with swd language, so i assumed Lemtosh is the jacket. my fault.
why, if the quality is there?
i'd prefer darker wheels and probably a derby or norweger.
if you think so... I disagree on your observation of IST's jacket, so be it.
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