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ah ok. generally speaking, sometimes i get the feeling it seems important to some, how many one owns. nvm.
maybe with a different stitch pattern?
not really as the only cordovan shoe i personally own is a sneaker, no kidding.but, i have seen enough pairs in the flesh, which didn't shoe "disturbing" wrinkles due to a good fit and good material. nothing to lose sleep about, though.
just curious, why it is so important how many pairs one owns?
sounds very reasonable.
from the prescott & mackay blogFrom the artisan shoemaker to the factories in China everything begins with the human hand: from designing a shoe, modeling a last, cutting a pattern, lasting an upper or molding a sole unit. Mass manufacture is only a larger scale artisan: in the way the artisan uses a tool a factory might use a machine, machines can help us, but they still need to be calibrated and operated by the human hand. And it is in this sense that shoemaking is an...
imo, nobody denied that.
isn't that compensated by, say, a good fit?
apples to oranges, imo.hendrix and some others point was, that it is unnecessary to talk your ass off about some gimmicky features of your favorite brand. got it?
yes, sir
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