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great choice. my favorite is the black pin grain. understood, that I handled them personally and it stands out.
on the courtesy of fellow member Simon C, who dropped me a line before his trip to Vienna.yes, it is elephant and it looks amzing in the flesh.prices are certainly lower than in London but imo the quality is on par. there's a lot of heritage involved.
agreed. what a shame that it's been ignored by the i-gent crowd... horses for courses.
bengal is one of the few, who have worked with Georg Materna full nine yards. His boots are meticulous as one can expect it. well done. congrats and wear in good health rolf.
on the courtesy of justin: great review as always. thanks mate
taking a break from the break. full requote for magnificence.wear them in good didn't know that awesomness isn't a word.
alright, just saw your post in the other fred. not my cuppa. nvm.
i didn't see your post before. I really respect your sense of style and a few things i got aware dealing with you. so take my tacky comment not too serious. much appreciated.
I was just talking what RTW offers today across different brands. i'm not in the position to change defaults, though. sorry for the misunderstanding.i can understand that EU 47 is a certain endeavour in the aspects of shoemaking.
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