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not exactly.I hope this to be my absolute last post on this forum, so listen carefully.I don't appreciate it to be referenced or quoted out of context from people who do not understand what I have to say about shoes, period. just avoid it, period.spread the word. many thanks
misread. all good
it will be an exception...
this memo is useless i-gents bollocks...
the pattern is more subtle.
hey, you got a great deal, iirc. plus vash are not shabby at all.on a random note: it's a "shame" that you intended to buy hungarian shoes in Vienna in the first place.
this must have been overlooked, as I myself also found it just recently, although I was asked upfront the trip.on the courtesy of Simon C. - enjoy...there's also a well regarded contributor to this thread, who already owns his very own pair and enjoys it.#13917 - personal favorite is the black pingrain. saving my pennies...
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