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Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I think an authentic vintage WWII watch is very cool and very affordable if you stay away from a couple of the top tier names. A reputable dealer that specializes in these will have some starting at under $500. Many look great and no one else will have one. Just one word of advice, buy from a good dealer who will guarantee the watch to be recently serviced and to run fairly accurately. (Beware of EBay and flea...
I have not bought from these, but they seem to have a pretty big list. One of them has cleaner looking watches than the other. MM
Anyone have any experience? Do the discounters locations make any difference, i.e. one NR location is in Scottsdale which has more wealth than the other location, Chandler. Does Nordstroms spread the loot around evenly? Or do the swanky locations get the swanky stuff and the other locations get the cold, cold leavings ? MM
Going to be in Phx in a couple of weeks with some time. Anyone have experience with these two in the Phx area? Cheers ! MM
I love my AE wilberts. It is one of the most comfortable shoes I have had. I am looking for anoter AE shoe (or similar) in black that can dress down, jeans, or up (but not way up, i.e. no suits). I have had good luck with Johnston & Murphy, my foot is narrow and hard to fit w/o my foot looking like a long flipper. Any other suggestions? Price range of AE or below is my target. MM
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