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On second look, I don't think there's really any taper at all. I'd say it's about as perfectly straight as you can get. I don't see any green in the jeans. The appear to be the same color as other new APCs that I've seen.
I've never tried the rescue, so I'm not really certain.
8.25 in. at the knee
bump for pics
It's an older cut that's discontinued now (to the best of my knowledge). It seems to be a completely straight cut, though I think the rise might be a little higher than the rescue.
measurements: waist 28.5 in front rise 11 in inseam 33 in leg opening 8 in I can post pics, but probably not until tomorrow. thanks.
Any recommendations on medium-wide wale cords in a more modern (mostly)straight cut?...something without a ridiculously high rise or quadruple pleating?
Speaking of AA shrinkage, do the hoodies shrink down at all after a wash and machine dry?
Do the Julian Red Cali's come in different inseam lengths?
Air's "Surfing on a Rocket" used in a Nissan SUV commercial.
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