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For Sale: Kicking Mule Workshop 1950 Raw 30x34 BNWT, never worn. $170 shipped. Attachment 34301 Attachment 34302 APC new cure corduroys in wine/maroon. Size 31. Worn only once. $70 shipped waist = 15.5 in inseam = 34 in front rise = 10 in knee/opening = 7.5 in Attachment 34303 Attachment 34304 Iron heart 634s. Size 30. Inseam has been professionally altered to 31 inches. Worn a handful of times. Almost no fading. SOLD Waist = 15.5 in inseam = 31...
Careful, they may convene a death panel and decide you're redundant.
These are brand new, never worn. Will ship in the US for $180. Can get pics up later.
Pics and measurements: Waist - 15 3/4 in Inseam - 33 in Thigh - 10.5 in Knee - 7.5 in Hem - 7.5 in
These are brand new, never worn. Looking for $200. Trade offers are welcome.
I'm looking for short sleeve shirts with rolled sleeves and button tabs on the sleeves. APC has one on sale right now. Any other ideas? like this:,186.html
BNIB, never worn. I'll let them go for $450 shipped.
I really like Jarrow unflavored. No artificial ingredients. It mixes well with milk and water. I generally trust the quality of that brand's product.
Both are BNWT. Mock zip without hood in charcoal gray (smoke?), size M - $90 shipped Mock zip with hood in black, size S - $90 shipped
I'm not sure exactly what they started at as I got them from someone else who wore them briefly. It didn't seem like the waist had seen much stretching, but they were already at 34. Regardless, I decided to soak only the waistband in cold water. After that, and throwing them in the dryer for ten minutes, the waist went down to about 15.5 or 15.75. None of the sheen was lost either. That's just about perfect for me, so I think I'm going to keep them after all. Sorry...
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