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On ebay. Starting at 24.99.
price drop 70>60
price drop 80>70
These are brand new, never worn other than to try on. Size 41 Eur or 8.5 US. $60 shipped. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
Measurements (BiG style) KMW measurements: waist: 16 in front rise: 10 in thigh: 11 in knee: 8 in hem: 7.25 in Jean Shop measurements: waist: 15.5 in front rise: 10 in thigh: 11 in knee: 8.25 in hem: 8.25...
For Sale is a pair of Kicking Mule Workshop Rockers in size 30. Raw. They've been hemmed to a 31 length. Worn about 5 times. No fading. SOLD Also, a pair of brand new Jean Shop Rockers, 28 Medium. Raw. Length measures to 33. $150 shipped Pics to come soon
Looking for the right cords. I really like RL Purple Label; they're medium-wide wale, straight, and without pleats. Just a little expensive is all. Anyone have any other recommendations for a similar pant?
Interested in black/grey tiger fleece in Med-slim.
Price drop
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