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Yes he did and it was very quick from UK to Australia
My parcel from Nick arrived today beautifully packed and fabulous shoes, Chambord and Willoughby. Me leave buffalo and grey suede amazing colour.... Photos to come Only wish the Luccas were there too 😨
Although based on my experience of only getting 2 out of 6 ordered you may not have got them anyway - the 4 that couldn't be located were all PS JL models
These are well work but still on original sole. Uppers and inner sole very good. Check photos ask questions Classic loafers too brand vintage vibe. Did you know this design comes from1950?! Postage from Australia ask me for a quote to you anywhere worldwide I'll do my very best
Measurements 13 inches outer sole and 4.75 across at widest point
I agree Nick seems good to deal with, and understand there will be a glitch here and there being beyond his control, but you must admit that 4 missing pairs out if 6 is a bit much! Especially when they are still showing available on the website n same sizes.
Have to agree it was a great sale good luck to you and finally I got confirmation 2 pairs are in the post, after a patient long wait, however having ordered 6 pairs early in sale and now they can't find 4 of those pairs leaves me Somewhat deflated....A refund is in the pipeline I'm told, but cold comfort when it seems someone reneged on the deal. I could understand one mistake on nventory, but 4?! Especially when the same items are still listed there available in same...
Yes, great choice even just as is!
Funny that.... Did anyone else order Lucca ? Apparently 4 pairs I ordered in different sizes to gift to my brothers etc are all unable to be located, yet they are still available on the website albeit 3 times the price I purchased at with the deals on offer.Anyone?!
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