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Another MH71 opinion just fwiw, I wear most CJ 10.5E but EG usually 11 ETried on MH71 and bought 10.5F - most perfect fit after a few wears
What is your size advice on these? Many of us will be unfamiliar with st crispin sizes Thanks!
Thanks, they seem to shine up very easily indeed, I just gave them a little wipe before the photo as I already had them on. I polished them once after several wears a few weeks ago with some Saphir About as sleek as the Craftsman IMO - I think it's the same last but not sure of that - can't directly compare as I have never had kangaroo on any other pair. But they do kind of crinkle when worn all day however as they bend with the feet when wearing - seems finer wrinkles...
Just FYI a quick iPhone snap of the RMW kangaroo Kingsvale chukka and also for info re the comfort sole some has asked about
They do crease yes but different than calf, they do look casual because of that softness but actually I always get compliments on them more so than I ever do with Lobbs Gaziano, EG etc so go figure!I'll take a couple of photos just FYI
Thats a surprise to me I have had a comfort Craftsman calf pair and a Kingsvale Kangaroo chukka (exceptionally comfortable!) both worn quite often and no sign of lifting so far on either pair, and compared with leather sole versions of Craftsman which I had in the past ( lasted about 25 years .....) I feel the comfort soles perhaps outlast the leather as well as being more comfortable.
It doesn't look at all like a Topy, you would barely notice from the side whether it was leather rubber IMHO, the sole is similar colour and thickness of leather and is selected. Very good comfortable hard wearing sole.
Also I know it's been asked before but any recommendations for a tailor to do finishing ie hemming of some trousers in Sydney City or Parramatta ?
Great boots - Enzo Bonafe is underrated IMO - can't believe they are still there at this price price... Tough audience here at SF 😨 Would have been mine if they were 11!
Thanks for the Someone should Buy This plug ! Surely lowest price Cleverley boots on sale ..... And I reduced the price again.... Check my other items too some bargains there for SF guys
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