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Just FYI if any John LOBB folks size 10 or 11 in Australia hope it's ok just letting you know here.... I have 2 pair of Lucca suede lightweight loafers on eBay from $225 AUD (retail $685 USD) Check it out free postage in Oz brand new in box perfect not 2nds http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/rhumba1210/m.html?item=111877469193&hash=item1a0c6ab409%3Ag%3A8a4AAOSwFqJWnE%7EV&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
I got John LOBB Paul Smith suede Lucca loafers brand new perfect in box not rejects but 100% perfect BNIB from $225 AUD (retail $685 USD) That's less than1/4 price size 10 and 11 UK Plus RM Williams size 9 from $49 AUD http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/rhumba1210/m.html?item=111877469193&hash=item1a0c6ab409%3Ag%3A8a4AAOSwFqJWnE%7EV&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
These are like slippers that can be worn for lounging or outdoors or driving Superb plush soft suede with leather piping fine leather soles Very lightweight and like soft gloves on the feet. Retail $685 USD Price is post free in Australia or plus $35 anywhere else in the world Reasonable offers considered but I am listing at less than 1/3 of retail so please be kind!
So sorry to hear you are STILL waiting! I guess at the prices we got on these one can't expect instant service but now mostly the orders Sesto have eventually arrived. When he delivers its great service, hope you'll be next 😉
My remaining four pairs have arrived within a few days of Nick notifying me. Perfect condition perfectly packed. Took a while but was a terrific bargain and hats off to Nick!
BRIONI Moena 54 really nice pants Waist 37 with a couple of inches extra possible inner leg about 33 at max Great looking trousers very expensive Virgin wool 77% silk 23% Lightly worn still look very cool Lining a bit yellowed as seen probably because it's cotton? - see photos Rare bargain at $95 > $85 Postpaid by me within Australia Or add $15 for anywhere else postpaid airmail from Sydney, Australia
Hi could you add the number for sleeve length please? Thanks!
I just got same width it's fine fits great just feels more flexible than calf in same size
I also had contact from Nick following my first shipment and he has found the ones that were missing at the time, so he can send them this week. I know I felt a bit concerned re the delays and lost items but can confirm he comes through!
Anyone interested I can get these mint condition boots and send to you from Australia privately as used shoes. Haven't got pictures but they are new in box, just tried at home If you are interested do get in touch ASAP I'll do postage for $50 which is about lowest possible Size 9 G = 10D USA Not my shoes just helping someone else to sell If they were my size I'd buy them!
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