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A rare and desirable pair of Edward Green classic Chukka boots. Worn but still heaps of wear left, great Color, Thames city rubber sole great traction but look slick. Size is 11/11.5 D 82 last. Price is for the boots plus original bags no EG box. Postage is additional and posted from Australia - contact me for quote. All now listed in eBay but open to B&s offers Some listings ending today HESCHUNG 11.5/12 cost $695 USD - bid at $195 AUD WORN 3-4 times only great oil...
I can recommend these - I got a pair myself and love them - like Tetbury only better 😊
Cheers, make sure to let us know if you find some good shops there😉
Actually I must agree - The UK has charity shops in every high street as you mention. I found that in more high end high streets you will find often likewise Higher quality of garments Than in more bland areas if you know what I mean. I have seen great tweed garments in these shops since you mention that for example. Maybe it's beneath some folks to consider but for example you might find Brit items like Aquascutum or Irish Magee for £5 or so Maybe retailed at 50 times...
By the way I was meaning to put these city rubber soles on in case anyone was interested Sorry if I'm duplicating anything as I haven't followed this thread till now.... Anyway They are one step sleeker than single Dainite I guess. Possibly the nicest rubber soles as far as looking right on shoes in place of a leather sole. Just wore these in a bit of rain in London today - very comfortable. Similar to EG Thames soles but I think GG make them look shapely if that's the...
Single Dainite looks great on those. Just FYI re rubber soles her are my Wells MH71 on Wensum rubber sole
Hunter green cotton/wool pants with button fly and stylish details. Yorkshire slim pants style, not super slim wre quite expensive but never worn so moving them on. Shipping from England, enquire for postage - reasonable offers considered.
Just for a heads up, Justin has some beautiful shoes in the sample sale, I was tempted by some lovely chukkas but alas couldn't say no to a perfect fitting pair of Hatch grain lace ups at GG in the next room. Would have bought both if possible but not today... Thanks Justin it was a fine time had by all I think Cheers to you even though I had to pass on this occasion
Also wondering if there will be a variety of sizes or just average sample sizes?
I never saw FAM marked with US size did you? As others said usually they are way big. I got some amazing FAM monks on eBay once labelled 11 assuming UK 11 and they would have fitted a US 13.5 plus
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