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CJ lasts are very consistent IMO and I have Merton same size as other CJ models fwiw
And if you look at the sizing it's all screwed up info
Look at their inventory - it's all from Barney's latest list!But at crazy low prices.Wtf?
OK so = EG 11E 82 how about the extra lining? does it affect sizing much? I imagine it may make another 1/2 size difference? making it closer fit to EG 10.5 E perhaps?
OK I'm impressed by your prodigious experience of Italy and other countries but this not a travelogue, just a discussion of views on clothing quality - where it is made and where the fabric originates from is relevant but when it comes down to it its the end result that counts. Obviously BOGGI has different levels of quality. As mentioned the jacket I have is of the most superb flannel by Heinl and i am comparing to the best Corneliani, Pal Zileri, Zegna Couture, Canali,...
Possibly the shearling lining is only a problem as a lot of people are not experienced with it? Myself included - I wonder if it changes the fit at all and how substantial is the degree of lining? Seems to me it shouldn't necessarily restrict the wearer to only using is very cold weather, as usually any kind of wool is quite comfortably adaptable through different weather conditions. I imagine wearers who are familiar with it would be able to illuminate us on the subject....
re size as its RL wouldn't the size be marked in US size not UK?
Interesting CJ new old stock shoe with hand curried leather sole - hand grade black fine grain calf
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