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A really nice suit showing extremely light wear at most. charcoal with subtle blueish purpleish stripes Measurements or more photos on request. Will ship from Australia - I will subsidise postage cost for SF ers $95 asking price - its beautiful suit mainline Corneliani so this is a good deal, ask me if you want measurements. ... Or take a chance on eBay check it out!
Anyway just FYI I have listed them in Marketplace - since they don't fit me
For sale a rare and perfect pair of JM Weston shoes. These have all the storm features in super soft leather - amazing for a rainy day. Just wish they were a 1/2 size bigger - I would never be selling them! Superb quality and I compare to best John Lobb and Edward Green Size is marked as 11C which I thought would be like US 12D but actually its like US 11D IMO Looks like older design but in immaculate condition and the leather is just beautiful the style is like ghillie -...
Looking good AP!!
Well, that sounds hard to beat! Would love to know what they have there?
Yes, great shoes and rare I guess - wish they were just a 1/2 size bigger.... I'll list in marketplace soon - in meantime anyone interested feel free to get in touch.
No - I think they are older model judging by logo in the shoe and on the bags, but really almost like brand new. Only wish they fit me! Bought as 11C (marked in hand written figures in shoe) presumed UK size however they are more like US 11D in every way. Beautiful leather and construction, just superb, and I'm comparing to John Lobb, Edward Green etc
Actually i lookd for the number inside aside from 11C and I see the numbers 554-68 Inner sole is barely over 11 inches Maybe its an old model - seller didn't know model name - anyway they are in mint condition fwiw. Any suggestions?!
Thanks for that, actually i may have been a little vague about the decription as I am no expert at all, but these are plain toe storm welted which is what I meant by Norwegian anyway not split toe, and they have leather tabs for the laces as in Ghillie style or such, I guess. I'll poste some photos just for interest when I get a chance. As you say the sizing is tricky! Whereas some other opinion was that they run large in general. Is it the styleo r last that differs which...
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