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Photos would be great thanks!
bad quality, upturned toes - clown like. other than that, perfect!
If its any use to you I have a pair of kempton 1880 in black worn about 3-4 times in 11F I don''t need them and happy to sell them, but I'm out of town till end of the week so can't do photos etc till then
Pics would be great!
Well, listing says you'll ship anywhere but on ebay i can't bid because you exclude australia Missed my bid!
Great idea! As for me, I'm on small side of 12D and got some of my best shoes ever from SF peeps who either had 11.5 that were a touch big or 12D that were too firm. Kind of a 12 D ish focus group.... Works for me, I'll find something to list .... Cheers
I agree!
Yes' and in other words it helps if you've seen EG and CJ shoes as they look quite different and in particular as mentioned the manufacturer labelling on the inner side of shoe is fairly obviously consistent with CJ and not EG
SOLD to a buyer in Germany
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