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Maybe so but he is just asking for guidelines as to how to tell the difference. Surely someone has an idea?!
Interested but photo link doesn't work. Any measurements avaialable?
The Chiltern is a generous fit and on the wider side. FWIW I generally fit in 11E 337 last not sure re 341, but 10.5E is more than big enough in Chltern
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/585-EDWARD-GREEN-English-handmade-shoes-Brand-New-box-11-11-5D-may-fit-10-5-/110817331198?pt=UK_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item19cd3a47fe#ht_805wt_922 Edward Green Eden slip ons 11/11.5D BNIB 2nds but hard to find fault brand new with EG cloth and box. Just signs of being tried on bought from Edward Green Shop. Bargain price on ebay auction ends n 30 minutes, sorry meant to let you guys know early but got trapped in snow!
Not sure if these can still be found but I bought a real shearling jacket from TweedyDon on SF and its by HUC of Sweden. REALLY warm and fabulous feeling of that substantial soft strong sheep skin and looks great too. Haven't seen better and I have seen quite a few in the UK.....
Hello just wondering do you have the size details for these? Thanks!
Very sorry I must have missed that - will check msg and get back asap Cheers!
No further discounts in store or at St Botolphs sale site (where btw the sneering attitude of the staff put us off so much that we had to leave) !I have several HK shirts but the attitude of this guy was inexcusable
These are a great shoe which I compare with Edward Green / RLPL Eden, and Cleverley of similar style both of which I have. Its my favourite for casual to formal style and comfort anf fab for travelling too. Unfortunately I chose the wrong size due to a previous pair of Grenson for PS whichi got in US12D and was a bit too big. So figuring on that i ordred this one in 11.5D and its too small so if anyone's interested let me know. I will be listing these black Wolfsons and...
Actually the 2nds at CJ Burlington and Jermyn, were 310Pounds but that was for handgrade, they had some perfects at 330 for handgrades as well. Some of the 2nds were around 200 , so yes a bit more than the factory shop (which rarely has handgrade). Also at EG most were 440 with some of the more expensive boots etc a bit higher. Not bad selection but of course you gotta be lucky to save 200 Quid on perfect stock!
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