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Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Does he deduct VAT ? No but they say they are applying for that - in the meantime he will offer a discount to make up for the lack of vat discount
Meant to say. Cultism deal
I ordered a pair they had my Size and they are around $100 less than the cheapest price I can get here in Australia! Postage included
Price Drop before listing on Evil Bay now $180
Beautiful pair of fine corduroy trousers by Bamford and Sons brand new without tags The hems are finished at around 35 inches inner leg with about 1 1/2inches to spare and waist measures around 39 1/2 inches, rise 11 1/2 inches. Very fine quality with belt loops and side tabs. Photos available. Asking $120 shipped worldwide. Check other stuff on ebay Edward Green, Crockett Jones, Mabitex etc http://shop.ebay.com.au/rhumba1210/m...id=p4340.l2562
I've had this happen only once and it was a pair of Incotex and they were not seconds and were heavyish cotton. Had them resown at seat of pants and never a problem again. Maybe instead of saying don,t buy mags it's better to suggest having them looked at when the hems are done and just make sure he stitching is OK - it's not as if many of us are paying a fortune for these and compared to anything else for $50 - $100 they arenerally terrific
I have the same issue and consequently selling a pair on B And S. They just seem too short in 11e whereas other lasts 358 337 are just fine for me. I guess they must be perfect for someone who finds these lasts not right!
OK Thanks for those thoughts. I have 3 other pairs of CJ for Kilgour on 358 last and all seem the same shape whereas the Cleverley are quite a bit more slender at the toe. The leather is quite different though being more fine and supple and I guess lighter weight than the CJ HG - maybe that accounts for some of the difference in the toe. As you might see also the soles have a more EG kind of look - even though its just cosmetic.
Sorry my photos suck! When you click on them they do enlarge though. Anyway it seems to me the Cleverley are more chiselled and seem narrower and finer at the toes than the other ones which are definitely 358 in same size. They both fit the same.
Quote: Originally Posted by jon5986 I think for the price point the standard RTW makes for a good purchase. I have both C&J and Cleverley and there is a difference (both in the last and quality of construction). Others in this forum have agreed in previous discussions about this topic, that have both shoes. I think the AC line is alot better than their standard range, but then one does get what you pay for. There are those who say the...
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