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Euro or us size 44-46? maybe meaurements would help anyway
A really nice and rare pair of C & J loafers in excellent condition very light wear Lovely ageing patina size 9.5 E UK size Will send anywhere posting from Australia - ask me for a quote to wherever If you wish to check my feedback i am on ebay rhumba1210 Have just done a few sales on SF and offering these at a good price in case anyone here is interested....
Its just old English slang for Pounds, same as bucks for Dollars - it was always called quid here in Australia back in the day when we had pounds as well....
http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Gaziano-and-Girling-Mayfair-Double-Monk-Shoes-UK-8-5-Vintage-Oak-Calf-MH71-/271244978105?pt=AU_Men_Shoes&hash=item3f2775e7b9&_uhb=1 a good BIN for someone to grab
Whats with the $100 or offer ? Ebay start price is $299!
Royal Tweed is US sized
Then nothing iGermany so I have to mount an enquiry which takes around 8 weeks! Ebay require me to prove it was delivered even though I have proof of postage with receipt and registered post document and tracking, they will not remove the feedback which implies that I did not send the item! Anyone ever handled this kind of situation? Especially galling when it was sold so cheap and I subsidised real cost of postage:(
I had a case where I sent a pair of CJ handgrade shoes from Australia at bargainprice to a buyer in Germany. It hadnt arrived after 2 weeks but this is par for the course, actually I even paid extra for registered post at my expense. I explained to buyer that it may take a little longer and please be patient. I had entered tracking number as well. Buyer responded by giving me bad feedback saying his item didnt arrive, destroying my perfect feedback. He didnt raise any...
Us or uk size 10 1/2? Measurements would help i think! Thanks ....
Well how does the size run on these? Compared to say CJ 358 10.5 or 11 E? Or similar comparison
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