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I have some Edward Green slippers for sale.... Really nice shoes http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...55#post4072555
Now moved to eBay @ $99 - cheapest EGs on sale today? A beautiful sleek looking whole cut loafer / slipper in dark brown calf with leather soles and linings made in England by Edward Green - very light wear only, almost like new. Marked size is 10.5E/11 - for reference I usually take 11E UK in EG 202 or CJ 10.5-11E UK and these are a good half size too small for me. I would say they run small and will comfortably fit a US10.5D-11D. I can't find these listed anywhere...
IMHO (I am Australian and have had some RMW in my wardrobe ever since the 70s, all RMW boots are snug to begin with - even if they are hard to get on and off to initially - and after several good outings they start to fit really well and mould firmly to your foot - providing of course they fit in the first place given a good squeeze....!
Just to clarify I am hoping some EG expert knows if there is a list price for the leather slippers. I want to list these for a fair price but really can't seem to find out - I have seen only the RLPL velvet ones or opera pump types, but these are actual EG labelled Thanks to anyone who can help!
Pardon my ignorance but how narrow do these run in this size?
I happened upon a beautiful pair of Edward Green slippers in what appears to be dark soft brown calf (fully leather lined) and fine leather soles - almost looking like a pair of sleek loafers but lighter construction - very stylish IMHO. I am no expert on these matters, but was trying to find a retail price for the EG slippers so as to work out a fair asking price for SF Buy and Sell listing. Has anyone seen a list price for EG slippers? They are just a bit to tight...
Not sure if anyone has seen their listing on ebay but Adler shoes in Germany offer a bespoke service for this price. Anyone know anything about these? "Once you have placed an order, you can choose your preferred color. After this we send our "form-set" to you. A lot more different models, from the British classic to the Italian designer shoe are available on our website. Our easy to use "form-set" makes it possible for you to take casts of your feet. Since no...
As should be noted by all, its not good to generalise as UK width markings vary with maker - eg while UK F = US D in Church's you will find Crockett and Jones E fitting means the same. Ditto Edward Green. Extra confusion when the sizing is done for UK made shoes for US market, not to mention variation in lasts
I'd buy for sure but you won't ship overseas.....
NOW ON eBAY @ VERY LOW PRICES http://shop.ebay.com.au/rhumba1210/m.html
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