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Price Drops 12/5
A nice vintage pair of Alan McAfee monk strap shoes in a beautiful brown leather with nice aged patina - good condition with new soles and heels very well done. IMHO opinion more stylish and nicer quality than Church's SOLD Also nice Zegna belt very good condition barely used size marked 85 cm suits approx 34 waist SOLD http://shop.ebay.com.au/rhumba1210/m.html Also great pair English Oliver Sweeney shoes brand new UK 9 - CJ Handgrade loafers vintage 12D (US) - NIB...
Could you give the inner leg for the Borelli trousers please? Thanks!
LAST CHANCE BEFORE eBay some more reductions
I have 2 pairs of Mabitex trousers bought from esteemed members but they came in wrong size for me so just selling on for anyone interested. I know there are a lot listed on SF at the moment but actually very few in these sizes ..... One pair is navy blue Cotton / Wool fairly heavy material, size - marked EU 54 waist measures approx 37 1/2 inches. Asking $70 > $60 shipped worldwide The other is a really nice fine grey corduroy and has a beautiful feel to it, and...
Bump for New Item and price reductions
Alan McAfee are great shoes - better than Church's, just for starters. Even as vintage shoes they are often in perfect condition and quite stylish with a slightly ageing vibe.
ADDED - CROCKETT & JONES Hand Grade loafers 12D plus lower price on Santoni FAM Monks 12-13 BNIB
What range of sizes do you have? The interest would affected by the available sizes i think!
No takers for these great handmade shoes?! Now more than $500 off new price and I pay the postage. You're killing me Guys...... $370 including post anywhere on Earth
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