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II've been last year to this sale and there were indeed racks of odd pairs of various style at very cheap prices but the rest of the area was more current stock at around 20-40% as I recall, the cheaper end of these being seconds but only very slight faults. The really cheap £100-200 pairs were likely seconds or oddball pairs etc. Maybe these were the ones this spiv advertises as "super rare"?!
I think when i started this thread i couldn't find the £ sign and wrote Pounds instead - I was in the UK and the pricing othe site I saw was in £ BPS. didn'texpect to be accused of being fat or of being a stooge for the Co!It was just an honest question to see if anyone had used this service - seemed too cheap to be quality but where else can one find bespoke or mto for these prices?Still nothing tangible to see except some positive hearsay.
Thanks for that do they run slightly large? Compared to say CJ 10.5 E uk or similar?
One after another by lovemontra and others still there taking up whole pages, with repeated threads, one would expect moderators to ban these and take them off.......
Hard to see any genuine threads on here with all this clutter of Spam threads.....
Those casual AE monks look good - what model and how is the fit re sizing?
He is in theory obliged to sell to you. Worth making a complaint to eBay - at the very least they will have to acknowledge your point. Maybe its true that eBay in practice don't back the buyer in these cases, nevertheless its bad form from the seller and should be reported.
And if anyone would like a size xl Barbour soft suede eskdale jacket i have one listed on SF Buy sell, great quality with tags, cost about £350. Of course its out os season now but - Cheaper price for Aussies its a bit heavy to send OS
Yes real suede!
Photos would be great thanks!
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