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Hi would you prefer to sell at price including AU postage on SF direct ? i just need them posted to me at nsw 2773 I can paypal you straight away Cheers, David
I bought a pair of Cheaney Imperials recently and also surprised by the quality, particularly the leather _ they are not disgraced by comparison with Edward Green, John Lobb etc And yes retail is £395 or $600
Actually i just called in today and had a couple of pairs given the basic shine. What a refreshingly sincere and knowledgeable man is Justin. Very generous with his hints for doing your own shoe polishing and passionate about good shoes. He lifted the look of my bargain priced Cheaney Imperials remarkably. I'd show some pics but only have bad iPhone with me to take the photos.....
Well I checked at TK Maxx Hammersmith (London) and indeed a few pairs of Cheaney Imperials Ended up getting a pair Beaulieu in grey they look great and fit perfectly in uk 11F. £149 Alsosaw some really nice Santoni Fatte a Mano for even less ,but not my size.
This T K MAXX IN UK I believe - they often have some good deals
Very much so ..... A Japan thread might be in order?
Yes that's what i thought, i fit some uk 10.5 eg CJ some JL but usually EG 11 and never tried GG as yet but thinking they'll be 1/2 size too small unless someone knows this shoe fitting for a fact...... Thanks for your input !
Thanks - i saw that but i recall GG sizes give only half size differnce uk/US like EG so wouldn't 10.5 uk be us 11?
AnyoneAnyone know what uk size these would actually be? 11/11.5?
Fits true to size as uk12 or us 12d as marked on box ?
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