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A very lightly worn pair of UK 11 E CJ model Stanley (Handgrade) made for Kilgour of Savile Row, brown calf on 358 Last. A great looking stylish and comfortable shoe from Crockett and Jones high end line and worn only about 10-12 times at most so will suit someone looking for near new at a low price. Retail well over $600 so asking $300 plus postage at real cost Reduced price now $250 and happy to give a discount on post and packing
Quote: Originally Posted by mikecch Semi-dress concept; dress boots for blokes who are used to wearing work boots everyday. Maybe yes, but also I notice in Australia or in Sydney at least for sure many professionals eg lawyers politicians et al wear RMW with suits - perhaps it's a kind of national dress here or perhaps also because they are about the only good quality shoes generally sold at retail here. As we know best English shoes etc are...
On eBay I have listed this MINT blazer and the quality is just first rate - possibly the best I have seen and at a bargain crazy start price. Worth checking out jusrt for curiosity I thinkhttp://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI....#ht_996wt_1025
I put the blazer on ebay and just letting you know as this blazer is the REAL THING JH Cutler Bespoke and you won't find better anywhere IMHO. The measurements and photos are there so if it fits you can get a bargain for a big timers garment.... http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Stunning-...#ht_996wt_1025 MINT Quote: Originally Posted by jaypee Throw some photos up. I'm going to grab a PJ suit later this year, as soon as i thin out my other suits. Not much...
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyLaw Have you been to a shoe store lately? $200 won't get you anything good. R.M. Williams boots at that price are an excellent value. The resale price of used boots on the B&S forum is irrelevant. Agree $200 is a bargain for these. I am in Australia and RMW second hand sell on ebay for more than $200 even with moderate wear. I sold my 10 year old plus pair well worn on 2nd or 3rd sole for $175 on eBay and...
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Sounds like a blazer. No idea about original cost but likely to have been very expensive if we're talking JH Cutler. I personally avoid buying bespoke items secondhand if I can't try them on first as, by definition, bespoke items usually only fit the person for whom they were made. Personally I think AS navy blazers are good enough for everday use. Yes we are talking JH Cutler navy blazer and yes i avoid buying...
Not sure if this the place for this but would anyone have a clue to the worth of a Cutler Bespoke classic navy jacket in mint condition? Gold buttons substantial cloth and construction amazing quality, and size appears approx 40-42 L. It came my way recently and deserves a good home and just want to list at realistic price. Any ideas what these cost?
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Does he deduct VAT ? No but they say they are applying for that - in the meantime he will offer a discount to make up for the lack of vat discount
Meant to say. Cultism deal
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