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Just to clarify these are not actually Suede as stated but chevreaux leather yes? Are the dimensions all the same as the suede ones? Thanks!
Off topic i guess but does anyone have suggestion for best tailor to do alterations on suit which needs trimming down as i have.......... Also another one which needs to be let out a bit as its a tad too tight they are both expensive suits RL corneliani and the too tiht one Kilgour of Savile Row. Sorry meant to say in Sydney.
358 iS apparently same as 348 except its handgrade, there may be slightly more generous size in handgrade than equivalent benchgrade. I say this from experience trying them on iN CJ store in London, and subsequent purchases of 358 and 337.
Hi - just wondered about the length of the arms or temple length?
I tried to do a new listing in Buy and Sell but adding a URL doesn't seem to show on my listing though it appeared to be there when I added it. Aside from the awful look and the much reduced number of people apparently looking at ads we seem to have lost functionality as well as numbers of participants. How can I make sure the URLlink is there?
Nice pair Foster & Son formal loafers UK 11.5 barely worn, I believe these are on 119 Church's last but finer leather and channelled sole. Plus Church's Westbury 10.5 UK (close to 11UK IMO) 173 last plus other nice stuff Can't seem to load photos on the new system but plenty photos on the ebay listing which should appear here: [URL=http://][/URL]
Quote: Originally Posted by RockJaw These are worth trying - trust me, I own G&G bespoke, EG Top Drawer, Lobb, Vass and JM Weston and my single pair of RTW model 401 boots by St Crispins beats the lot of them hands down. I am a US10 so these will not fit, but I am tempted to buy these just to hang on my wall!! I am stunned that these shoes did not sell on the very first day. Do you agree re thensizing? Ie tHESE 10.5 uk will be 11 US?
Price drop to $205 shipped worldwide. Great wholecuts .... As new literally .... Will go to eBay if no one here wants them, i usually get higher price there anyway.
If anyone's interested I have a great pair of Cheaney wholecuts as new size 10F UK -glad to drop $40 off for Aussie buyer. That makes it $180 posted. Check them out - http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=252020
On the Barker shoes - since you think they run large could you give the dimensions just to check? Thanks!
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