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Do these come in us or uk size markings?
Just fwiw I visited Justin the shoe snob one day in London with a pair of slate oxfords Cheaney Imperials - bought fir a song at TK Maxx (!) - he was pleasantly surprised by the quality and likened the leather especially to EG, they are certainly comparable to EG I have. anyway he recommended using blue polish for these shoes.pI haven't tried it yet as they still look great some time after he did his polish job on them.
Just noticed this EG thread reached page 202 - at last ... Haha
Second chance on these - don't ask! But here they are again. NOS, great shoes. Crockett & Jones 11E UK Brand New + Bags Holland & Holland Scotch Grain Ridgeway Soles Veldtschoen features - great all weather country shoes. Listed @ £350 in 2010 at Holland & Holland London store. on old CJ country last 228 like Coniston I believe. Probably the best CJ country shoe for all weather use. Shipping included within Australia or add $35 worldwide shipping Reasonable offers welcome
Mmm well this buyer doesn't want to return the shoes, just angling for a $50 discount. Shipping fees are more than this, each way, and I'm tempted to say send them back even though full refund of shipping will cost me over $100.... Truth is he got a great deal.... :/
I asked him to return the shoes as I don't believe I misled on condition and photos were very clear in my description. i also pointed out that the price was very, very low anyway for this brand. He responded by asking why I would want to court bad feedback?!He also threatens that if he has to send them back he will demand all extra international postage costs both ways in an ebay claim.My question is if I refund what he wants couldn't he still leave me bad feedback?and if...
A great and rare pair of NOS Edward Green for Holland and Holland country shoes Brand new never worn EG 58 F last size 11 Ridgeway soles , veldtschoen features, in HH bags, no box Imdentical pair on eBay USA at BIN $800 Same as Dundee EG or shoe version of Galways Posted from Australia post free to Australian destination or $35 extra worldwide $475 > 395 or Reasonable offers welcome
Thanks, that was my initial feeling but then I started worrying about the consequences. Can he leave bad feedback if I ask him to return them for a refund? And if I give him a discount he can still leave bad feedbck right? Guess I'm being paranoid but i've done hundreds of transactions with people who were happy but it just takes that one to make trouble for a seller..... I do appreciate your input on this thanks very much
Yes those look just great with the roughout. I like every detail on those - lots of envy here
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