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Nice shoes yes, since they are bespoke is the measurement the exactly the same for left and right? And any chance of getting the inner sole length? Cheers!
Thanks for the info - I loved them too but they didn't quite fit. Anyway they just sold, but God it's tough to sell anything on here had to go to evil bay
Are the 10.5 uk dainite Chelseas still available? If so what are the details?Thanks!
Actually it's more like ridgeway than commando IMO. And for mine I like those soles very much on robust looking model like William II Chambord etc, they wear really well and feel great underfoot. True they are like some other Euro soles for HESCHUNG and Paraboot in fact I seem to recall reading somewhere that HESCHUNG made the these kind of rubber soles used by LOBB. Anyway they sure are not Topys!
Are these in store only? I checked the Harry's outlet site for sale listings but don't see the RLPL shoes there?
Great trousers and cheap price - amazing to see no SF guys jumping on these at this price! On same note shameless self promo - if these sizes are a bit small for you i have 40 w listing for brand new, incotex slowear super 100 wool, also a fabulous buy. Tough to make a sale on here!
What's the fit like on these? Is 11 UK or US? Thanks!
Just checked and my mistake the onnes I had were also F 58 not 64 - sorry my bad memory!
Well it's a softly chiselled shape but on the box it just says Armoury, so I'm not sure. It's only the second Carmina pair I have had and they are really impressive but I can only say they are more like an Edward Green 11/11.5 which is just a bit too snug for me. Definitely snugger than the CJ 11e I have listed which are a little bit too generous for me - I think they are 337 If anyone else knows about Carmina lasts maybe they can comment? Thanks!
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