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GreAt seller - saving my pennies for these myself, but in the meantime let me say he is a very good SF guy - I highly recommend him
Would you mind makingmamgeneral comparison of fit compared to other lasts and brands etc? Thanks!
At the risk of being a pain, how did you find the fit of these compared to other sizes and lasts? Cheers!
Sorry to say but you obviously have never seen Cheaney Imperials if you think Andrew Lock's shoes are rebadged Imperials. If you are so certain of your assertions show us some pictures or some facts to support what you say. Hard to understand all this ill feeling - with nothing to back it up, and nothing of substance to contribute at all.
I asked at all the city "cobblers" including these ones and not one was even aware of DainiteRidgeway etc I was met with blank looks and no we don't do that mate.... the best offer I could get was that they could put Topy on! Cobblers ?
One can only wonder is BeachBum incapable of reading or is has he got some undisclosed agenda re Justin? Shoe Snob blog is very inclusive of lots of makers of varied styles and countries of origin. Dedicated to his genuine interest in great shoes. What's to hate about that?!
I've met Justin as well and found him forthright, knowledgeable and focussed, and just to tie in a couple of points he explained about the realities of getting shoes made and it wasn't just about money but more about economies of scale to get small runs done as he needs for his initial business. If you have seen his shoes in the flesh and talked to him you will know he gets the best possible result by working closely with the makers and insisting on good standards. And i...
+ inner sole would help as well
Sorrymeant to say the monks I have are 11F
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