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Well I checked at TK Maxx Hammersmith (London) and indeed a few pairs of Cheaney Imperials Ended up getting a pair Beaulieu in grey they look great and fit perfectly in uk 11F. £149 Alsosaw some really nice Santoni Fatte a Mano for even less ,but not my size.
This T K MAXX IN UK I believe - they often have some good deals
Very much so ..... A Japan thread might be in order?
Yes that's what i thought, i fit some uk 10.5 eg CJ some JL but usually EG 11 and never tried GG as yet but thinking they'll be 1/2 size too small unless someone knows this shoe fitting for a fact...... Thanks for your input !
Thanks - i saw that but i recall GG sizes give only half size differnce uk/US like EG so wouldn't 10.5 uk be us 11?
AnyoneAnyone know what uk size these would actually be? 11/11.5?
Fits true to size as uk12 or us 12d as marked on box ?
Nice site but the small sizings, similar to Japanese outlets will be a limitation for selling outside the area.
Yes, too good to be true, sold out!
Measurements would help! These Miyake items vary wildly
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