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How do you guys get the list of seconds inventory from the LOBB shop and EG?!
+1 it's real Armani I have a couple shirts look very similar label
Just checking is the AFPOS10 deal now finished? I tried applying it to an order but it was rejected..... Thanks!
A really nice pair of AS shoes in 109 last fit true to size US 12D IMO In excellent condition light wear only Handwritten info in shoes and the quality seems better than most basic AS anyway very good looking comfortable shoes, compare well to CJ bench grade etc Thick leather soles not sure if these are HAF or double leather? but very lightly used and heaps of wear left in these very solid, staple shoes Ask for a postage quote wherever you are and I will do my best to do...
Yes I think that's right - anyway he did my Topys a neater job and at half price of Brices or Coombes, and more pleasant service.
Bruce's and Coombes as bad as each other. Expensive, surly service, very limited ability for anything but the most basic stuff. They charge like $50 just to glue on Topys. There's a guy in Parramatta in an arcade near the railway line and town hall who does better work and more like half the price of those Sydney shops. Not sure if he does sunken Taps but I reckon if you got some he would do it....
FWIW the other John LOBB rubber soles which are like Ridgeway kind of style are IMO equal to the best soles for outdoor wear - I have them on William II shoes and have worn them heavily - very comfortable under foot more so than Dainite and better traction in wet or rough conditions and have barely shown any signs of heavy wear. I haven't had their Dainite equivalent but lots of regular Dainite shoes and boots to compare with. JL are tops for me.
Yes, I recall trying on some shoes at CJ Burlington Arcade London and noticed this to be true and the assistant agreed that Handgrade generally are a little less tight. I found that I could fit into 10.5 E in handgrade models but some BG were a bit too tight. Maybe not 1/2 a size in it though? In most shoes I am closer to 10.75 I think.....FWIW
Maybe depends on the leather used but my William II (I think Ardilla) became really soft and comfortable after a few wears - I usually go walking a few times in new shoes. Very substantial leather but pliable - in my experience this one of the things I have liked about the few John LOBB shoes I have had, more bold and substantial feel than most others I think. Not sure about the sizing as my Williams 10.5 are definitely bigger and wider than the 11e in 8000 - maybe it's...
Not sure if it's generally true but my William 11 shoes which have unusually no toe cap but still called william 11 do fit on the large side and a bit looser at heel but work beautifully with thick socks. Mine are 10.5 and compared to my JL single monks on 8000 last 11 E the Williams are very generous size. Could never wear thick socks with them! And the heels much tighter.
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