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A great and rare pair of NOS Edward Green for Holland and Holland country shoes Brand new never worn EG 58 F last size 11 Ridgeway soles , veldtschoen features, in HH bags, no box Imdentical pair on eBay USA at BIN $800 Same as Dundee EG or shoe version of Galways Posted from Australia post free to Australian destination or $35 extra worldwide $475 > 395 or Reasonable offers welcome
Thanks, that was my initial feeling but then I started worrying about the consequences. Can he leave bad feedback if I ask him to return them for a refund? And if I give him a discount he can still leave bad feedbck right? Guess I'm being paranoid but i've done hundreds of transactions with people who were happy but it just takes that one to make trouble for a seller..... I do appreciate your input on this thanks very much
Yes those look just great with the roughout. I like every detail on those - lots of envy here
I never had a problem where someone disputes the condition of an item and wants a partial refund, but this time I sold a pair of very high end shoes complete with box bags and original trees at around $250 plus international post. These shoes usually sell on internet for minimum $750, and were in my opinion lightly worn and near mint. I cited light wear and small scrapes as would be expected but basically very good. The postage ended up about $10 less than I had been...
Well, I just saw 2 pairs and bought both, thinking at least one would work for me. There is another seller on eBay, listing the same EG pair in 10.5 for over $600, still fair enough price given the quality.As it happens the CJ pair fit me perfectly and much better than the EG which are 11F, so I might list them, just thought I'd put them up on here and the EG thread as they seem topical as kind of shoe versions of the Galway and Snowden.
Oh yeah :
Love those ! Great combination Just out of interest as its related in some ways, anyone seen these ?
You all know what these cost and how nice they are, let me know if you are interested? hard to photograph suede but I tried. These are really great boots and sleek look supple suede luxury vibe compared to RMW! Just a little slim for me as I have found from a few tries at wearing out. Heaps of wear left only worn a few times. Postage in Australia $15 or worldwide $50
CJ Malvern 11, Cleverley 10.5 Brand New, Hermes ties etc http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/rhumba1210/m.html?item=111236173724&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
I think these have been described as a shoe version of Galways, made for Holland. Closest EG model i can find is Dundee. As they are 11F they are a bit too wide for me. As you see, never worn but older and even as new shoes have a great patina and Medway soles.
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