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http://www.styleforum.net/t/504776/g-cleverley-kingsman-boots-bnib-w-bags-retail-over-500-brown-grain-dainite/0_100 Thanks for the heads up on yh
Price includes worldwide postage George Cleverley Kingsman boots as shown Brand new with box and bags UK 11 U.S. 11.5-12 Gorgeous and rare and around half price
Brand new in Box Grenson boots in black grain leather size UK 11 G = US 12E A real solid boot Postage free in Australia or at lowest cost quote elsewhere, please ask me!
No, I can't see the numbers there inside - that's one reason I didn't think they seemed like CJ made as seems to be the usual case for rtw Cleverleys.
Yes thanks I do know that they are Cleverley and expected that they are by CJ as I have other Cleverleys which certainly are - but what I am saying is having got them in the flesh I am not sure that they are actually by CJ.Not worried either way but just wondered what the CJ experts thought?
Got my Mr Porter Kingsman boots, love them but not sure that they are CJ? I never had Conistons etc but they fit firmer than any CJ 11E I ever had in fact I usually take 10.5 UK in CJ so lucky I went for 11 Anyone who knows their Conistons etc will probably be able to clarify but I never saw a CJ with size in a window a la EG?
I just got a pair of Bonafe suede chukkas and can compare to EG suede and John Lobb too. I think it's pretty close to equivalent quality suede, very impressed with the Bonafe very plush suede.
CJ lasts are very consistent IMO and I have Merton same size as other CJ models fwiw
And if you look at the sizing it's all screwed up info
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