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Just for a heads up, Justin has some beautiful shoes in the sample sale, I was tempted by some lovely chukkas but alas couldn't say no to a perfect fitting pair of Hatch grain lace ups at GG in the next room. Would have bought both if possible but not today... Thanks Justin it was a fine time had by all I think Cheers to you even though I had to pass on this occasion
Also wondering if there will be a variety of sizes or just average sample sizes?
I never saw FAM marked with US size did you? As others said usually they are way big. I got some amazing FAM monks on eBay once labelled 11 assuming UK 11 and they would have fitted a US 13.5 plus
Do they come with dainite as MTO or stock?
Yes, very nice. Details?
Ok thanks guys this has been a curve ball for me! Let's say then that the buyer has had the cobbler put nails in the shoe, do i then contact ebay to resolve' as Brian did re the OP frames?
Yes, good suggestion. Its not only whether he's worthem other than on carpet now as he has taken it a cobbler who has apparently put nails in. I guess I need to have written info from cobbler as to what actual fault he verifiedand what work he has done. I actually bought the CJ shoes at their Burlington Arcade store when I was living in London, but never actually wore the shoes aside from trying on at home. If I noticed any fault I would have returned them,even now. Not so...
OK, in the meantime, he took the "squeaking" shoes to a cobbler, who had told him he could remove the inner sole and nail the shank to stop it squeaking.He sent me this message "Shoes went in today, picked them up and still squeak, turns out the shank cannot be secured with nails, so he didn't charge. He doesn't want to take the shoes apart to try and fix as will need new soles and shank, which means doing both shoes soles so that they are the same.I'm pretty angry with...
Thanks for your thoughts on these! I first of all thought it must be a joke as I've never known there could be a fault like this - buyer seems to find it unbelievable that I didn't know they squeaked. I have 100% feedback power seller etc I wouldn't knowingly sell something with a fault, undisclosed. How could a brand new perfect pair of handgrade CJ shoes have a fault causing a squeak?! Thinking i might be best to offer a fullreturn and refund to avoid any problem, still...
New Posts  All Forums: