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How do the h&m linen shirts feel?  I've been tempted to buy some linen t's for a while.
Damn, kinda tempted to buy the 44 one.  LMK if you're willing.
so... hanes v-neck's stocks is going to take a dip.
....Should there be a "random thoughts thread?"  I see nothing related to fashion here.
See you in space, cowboy
Trolling or not, I don't think he cares what we think.
What was Drake wearing today?
I'm on the train that these are billowy as hell on the waist.  I hope they come up with a version 2 and fix this.  The cotton is nice, though.
You didn't need to stand on your bathroom sink to show the shoes.   They're fine shoes.  You'll see better and much more expensive options in this site.
New Posts  All Forums: