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What was Drake wearing today?
I'm on the train that these are billowy as hell on the waist.  I hope they come up with a version 2 and fix this.  The cotton is nice, though.
You didn't need to stand on your bathroom sink to show the shoes.   They're fine shoes.  You'll see better and much more expensive options in this site.
I bought and paid for the jacket yesterday.  He just hasn't closed the listing yet.
The unilqo linen shirts are pretty large.  My large has huge arms.  I'm a big large and almost fit into my bro's medium.  That said, I'm sure my large will fit a lot better after shrinking it.
.... I think I want part of this PM train.... and when you gonna post the muscle up vid?
The knit towel scarf made me lol.  I want to know what it looks like worn.  I feel like you'll look as if you're perpetually coming from the beach.
A good chelsea boot isn't hard to get. 
Don't get it.  It looks weird, in a bad way.  The sleeve cuffs are comically long and the general look of it is off.
steven alan blanket blazer
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