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The knit towel scarf made me lol.  I want to know what it looks like worn.  I feel like you'll look as if you're perpetually coming from the beach.
A good chelsea boot isn't hard to get. 
Don't get it.  It looks weird, in a bad way.  The sleeve cuffs are comically long and the general look of it is off.
steven alan blanket blazer
If we're talking about chairs, I think crust's chair is better.
http://doandroidsdance.com/news/could-daft-punk-be-playing-a-one-off-show-in-paris-on-july-2/ bad news. just a hoax by kavinsky.  no show.
31157 + 100 = 31257
The years is almost half over and we're only less than a third done.  We need to step this up.
28253 + 105 = 28308  perhaps you can have your buddy record from behind, if there's no mirror.  or wear a ski mask. 
I'm not gonna lie, I'm somewhat interested.  I plan on trying to do muscle ups during summer. edit: would be great with cigar in mouth.
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