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33841 + 30 = 33871
you're pulling the bucket way too down.  it's looking like a tophat-- or it's just a bad looking bucket.  some people can't do buckets, i'm sure i'm one of them.
Thanks for checking.    @ the third looks article.  Don't judge that site from that article.  There's much better content than that one.  I'm not even going to bother reading that one.
How do the h&m linen shirts feel?  I've been tempted to buy some linen t's for a while.
Damn, kinda tempted to buy the 44 one.  LMK if you're willing.
so... hanes v-neck's stocks is going to take a dip.
....Should there be a "random thoughts thread?"  I see nothing related to fashion here.
See you in space, cowboy
Trolling or not, I don't think he cares what we think.
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