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I believe if you buy a free sample, they auto-bill your credit card monthly, like other "free sample" scams. I may be wrong, but I'm not gonna find out.
That's presoaked, it'll go back to 32 inches.
Thanks, I'll get the alteration done soon. Gotta soak em' first.
You'll probably pull a third of an inch if you pull the inseam. My question: I know it's be told to death, how would a tailor taper the knees down on a pair of jeans, via inseam. They would have to redo the hem stitching as well right?
Eggs are great; eat 2 a day.
i think all nikes are narrow, tts or size half. mine are acutally less because im barely over a 10.5. tight fit on me at first, but it stretched out.
for some reason, i can't do s/s. gl selling-beautiful.
looks good, don't like the red button, but it does give it some flavor.
44 is a size 42, it's a size down.
interested in a trade?
New Posts  All Forums: