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That's presoaked, it'll go back to 32 inches.
Thanks, I'll get the alteration done soon. Gotta soak em' first.
You'll probably pull a third of an inch if you pull the inseam. My question: I know it's be told to death, how would a tailor taper the knees down on a pair of jeans, via inseam. They would have to redo the hem stitching as well right?
Eggs are great; eat 2 a day.
i think all nikes are narrow, tts or size half. mine are acutally less because im barely over a 10.5. tight fit on me at first, but it stretched out.
for some reason, i can't do s/s. gl selling-beautiful.
looks good, don't like the red button, but it does give it some flavor.
44 is a size 42, it's a size down.
interested in a trade?
Do what Christain Bale did for The Machinist- eat an apple and a cup of coffee a day.
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