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Quote: Originally Posted by why I don't think women should lift weights. They get bulky quickly. 123456789
nice stuff, i would get some if i wouldn't get hammered with shipping fees.
the pics i took on front make it look faded, but too lazy to retake. 10 dollar price drop, if no take, ill just take it to the tailor's and fix it.
you shower with your bracelet on?
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven Thinking of a Flathead Houndstooth shirt. Dissuade me. Well, if you can get old pocket style, go. I really don't like sawtooth on the shirt.
I assume it does.
thanks, ill get something cheap, probably shirts or something.
That's a good reason; If you know you're not going to get your veggies, that's a good alternative. Because of Javyn's enthusiasm, I'll be trying maca root capsules.
steam room.
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