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I was at 240, now I'm at 208(with muscle) or so. I'm starting to plateau so I'll being switching my shit up.
If it isn't permanent indigo, I'm pretty sure they'll fade . If you haven't noticed, almost every brand has one wash versions of their jeans.
Do you have 5 dollars? If you do, it's fixable.
Quote: Originally Posted by splattered I think i'm gonna post some pics of myself in TR on here just to piss people off No one's going be pissed off. No one's going to care.
i don't like the oc x pendleton stuff.
Could someone direct me to some brands that make short sleeve sweatshirts? I know skull makes, but they don't carry 42(large). Thanks
5 bucks on premium hanes. fits better
now he'll post this on a celebrity blog about phat.()
Quote: Originally Posted by why I don't think women should lift weights. They get bulky quickly. 123456789
nice stuff, i would get some if i wouldn't get hammered with shipping fees.
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