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I start with 20, go to 15, then to 10.  Though I just started really doing ~100. 
34747 + 70 = 34817 Attempted to do a muscle without much prior knowledge.  Wasn't even close, so I didn't feel like doing much.
Not to downplay the T-3, but I think the T-1 looks soo much cooler if you're thinking of going that route.   edit: diesel blue.
@derk how cropped is the leather for you?
Don't buy plaid shorts.  Especially for 45
33419 + 140 = 33559   @jet It's a shame you don't have any of the shoes people are fiending over for on the Nike thread or the volt flyknits.  Those would fit the bill, too.   edit: Finishing school comeback.  Added 35 to my personal record.
Can you pm me the ballpark price so I know what I'm getting myself into?
Just make sure you're obnoxious as fuck when you do it.
+10000= 33284 I finished school for the summer so I'll be hitting this thread more.
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