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Now that you have photoshop, why don't you go ahead and photoshop a bat signal on the pic? 
Just do it.  Most likely everyone's had their hand on sateen at one point in their life.  Try bemberg.  It's not going to kill your jacket and make you regret getting it.
I thought the best part of dishy's photo is that his significant other was cool with him taking pics of what he was wearing for the internet and wanted to be a part of it.
I've always been fond of the cwu.  prefer the pockets/detailings over the a2.  But a brown a2 is too good.
35359 + 80 = 35439 This west coast heat wave sapped the life out of me.
I start with 20, go to 15, then to 10.  Though I just started really doing ~100. 
34747 + 70 = 34817 Attempted to do a muscle without much prior knowledge.  Wasn't even close, so I didn't feel like doing much.
Not to downplay the T-3, but I think the T-1 looks soo much cooler if you're thinking of going that route.   edit: diesel blue.
@derk how cropped is the leather for you?
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