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42248 + 100 = 42348
40,436+85 = 40521
You should invest in more sns herning in stitches.  It's a good medium for you to go between MC and a bit of SWD.
Buy him a belt.
39247 + 75= 39322
Welcome back.
^ Who the hell styles for mr porter?  Jeez.
Fit is big.  Size down one.  I think the sleeves will still be a bit longer.  I think the bottom billows/flares a bit.  Comfy and great for summer.  Of course, ask others.
It's really up to you if you want a more classical vanilla(vanilla is not bad thing) jacket, or the siki, which is pretty cool in itself.   The siki is probably going to be much lighter since it's a cotton/silk blend.
37167 + 72 = 37239 After a week break from the gym.  Lordy, Lordy it sucked.
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