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I agree that eg will work for him, but i think Yohji would work for him if he dresses the way Yohji does in it.
The ma - 1 looks guud.
Yeah, started rehabbing it.  Started checking out trigger point stuff.  I figured push ups might make it worse, but I'll check it out.  I'm more bummed that I basically lost my will to go to the gym and adding to the pull up tally when it's at its final stretch. Edit: thx for the concern my fellow pull up bros
80798 +50 = 80848   I haven't done any in so long because of torn rotator cuff.  Hopefully, we can make it to 100k!   edit: shoulder it still jacked up, so probably no more from me.
Measurements are up.
I'll try to update to tonight or tomorrow
For sale is a TOJ suede A1 Bomber size 50.  GREAT condition.  9/10.  The length is customized so I'll get those measurements up very soon.
SOLD measurement: front 24 back 26.5 p2p 22
51036 + 40 = 51076 A mixture of being lazy with pull ups/gym and having a weird pain in my shoulder joint has stopped me from doing pull ups.  I'll try to fix that.
Check his instagram
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