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Rugs to regret.  I regret passing up on SS that whole season.
Show me what you have in size VI and VII.  I really regret missing out on the older hooded coats. Anything from "rugs to riches" would be awesome.
My favorite thing about dana lee is the image results you get when you google that name.
I agree that eg will work for him, but i think Yohji would work for him if he dresses the way Yohji does in it.
The ma - 1 looks guud.
Yeah, started rehabbing it.  Started checking out trigger point stuff.  I figured push ups might make it worse, but I'll check it out.  I'm more bummed that I basically lost my will to go to the gym and adding to the pull up tally when it's at its final stretch. Edit: thx for the concern my fellow pull up bros
80798 +50 = 80848   I haven't done any in so long because of torn rotator cuff.  Hopefully, we can make it to 100k!   edit: shoulder it still jacked up, so probably no more from me.
Measurements are up.
I'll try to update to tonight or tomorrow
For sale is a TOJ suede A1 Bomber size 50.  GREAT condition.  9/10.  The length is customized so I'll get those measurements up very soon.
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