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Beanie needs to be higher.
You know what would be better, if you dressed as a styleforum era.    Someone in w+h hoodie, 5ep jeans, and desert boots... etc.  I can't think of other good ol' times.
Let's just all wear: ToJ Hanes T Raw denim GATs   and break the contest.   edit: I wore this last weekend.  It felt so bad, it felt good.
The pics are just resized for the forum.  When you click them, they're big.
11,400 +30+40+30 = 11500
This should be the next challenge.  Dress as another Styleforum member.
I bought it.  I wish there was a Large, but this will be my first time trying yoox's return system if it doesn't work out. edit:  Thanks for the heads up.  I can't believe I've been in this site for so long, but only started checking this thread recently.
Rugs to regret.  I regret passing up on SS that whole season.
Show me what you have in size VI and VII.  I really regret missing out on the older hooded coats. Anything from "rugs to riches" would be awesome.
My favorite thing about dana lee is the image results you get when you google that name.
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