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Shoulda made a sort of dragonball z fusion pic with melo's top half being the fit and you wearing the bottom fit.  And a final pic with you guys wearing the same fit.
Heh, I'm glad I sorta helped suggest this challenge.
 Styleforum should have a sort of archive subforum for collections-- like what superfuture and stylezeitgeist has. 
Beanie needs to be higher.
You know what would be better, if you dressed as a styleforum era.    Someone in w+h hoodie, 5ep jeans, and desert boots... etc.  I can't think of other good ol' times.
Let's just all wear: ToJ Hanes T Raw denim GATs   and break the contest.   edit: I wore this last weekend.  It felt so bad, it felt good.
The pics are just resized for the forum.  When you click them, they're big.
11,400 +30+40+30 = 11500
This should be the next challenge.  Dress as another Styleforum member.
I bought it.  I wish there was a Large, but this will be my first time trying yoox's return system if it doesn't work out. edit:  Thanks for the heads up.  I can't believe I've been in this site for so long, but only started checking this thread recently.
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