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I regret.... not buying that sweater off B&S.
Dear Snowman, I regret not buying your pants.  When will they be available for retail?
Info on jacket please.  Looks pretty nice.
Info on the split tee?  I think I saw a pic of it, want more info.  Thanks.edit: found it.info on baller licorice plz
16809 + 100 = 16909
I got the 52 as well.  I don't mind it being a bit bigger since it was meant to be big. My only gripe is that one of the sleeves was a bit longer than the other from other people pulling the sleeve or something before returning.  Good thing is that the sleeve could be tailored easily since it's sewed like a regular jacket.
If I were to buy it, the red looks better. 
Shoulda made a sort of dragonball z fusion pic with melo's top half being the fit and you wearing the bottom fit.  And a final pic with you guys wearing the same fit.
Heh, I'm glad I sorta helped suggest this challenge.
 Styleforum should have a sort of archive subforum for collections-- like what superfuture and stylezeitgeist has. 
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