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7.963 + 40 = 8003
4,950 + 50 = 5,000
115.190 + 60 = 115,250   Getting back into it.  I miss doing ~100 pull ups.  Shoulder is feeling much better.  My left wrist is kinda killing me, need to find out what I can do for that.
114,063+ 40 + 50 +60= 114,213
Damn.  I remember I was about to buy that from you, but you took it off the market.  Figured you sold it.  I'm glad you fell in love with it again.  I think I bought an alpaca from you so it's all good.
Just add em.  icing on the cake. Man, I'm really bummed I didn't contribute as much as I did last year.
90.150 + 50 + 50 = 90,250
http://www.uniqlo.com/jp/store/feature/uq/plusj_special/men/ Best of +J Collection.  I hope they bring some of this to the states.
I think we can really hit 100k this time with almost 3 months left.
Putting them in the dryer will shrink them a bit.  I intentionally did it to mine to make it more snug.
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