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Guy, I have the blue chambray from last season in a size small and it fits me well. I remember you telling me that it was smaller than the other crate shirts from that season. Do you think that the new shirts would be too big on me?
Trying to figure out my size for this ss10 julius moto. My measurements: height: 5' 8.5" weight: 140lbs chest (measured from directly under pits): 35.5" I have pretty small shoulders/frame. But I'd like the jacket to fit snug. can anyone give me some sizing advice?
Quick question, I'm trying to figure out if I'm a size 1 or 2 in Julius jackets. can anyone give me an idea of how small a size 1 or 2 is? jut neck: Also I've been lusting at this moto also but I cant afford: my measurements: pit to pit is somewhere around 18.3" and shoulders~16", shoulder to sleeve-hem~25(although I'd like it to be around 26+" on a leather)
blue in green sells them I think...We have a thread for questions like this.
need to get a leather jacket altered, anyone know somewhere in toronto i can get that done.
tonio028 are those kirks?
295 is more ~ sz45.5 I believe.
looks like indys?
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