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Quote: Originally Posted by Schpacko Can anyone tell me if the peacoat is warm enough for like -10°C (or 14°F)? with some layering + scarf + gloves, I think it would be fine.
I'm considering picking up a pair of APC derbies, anyone have any experiance with thier shoe quality?
Quote: Originally Posted by avery wooo got a shipping notification for my WV. anyone have experience with how long it usually takes to get a package to canada? in my experience less than a week (3-5 business days?)
I just got my pea and the fit is spot on (I can post pics if you want) but the wrist straps I requested are missing, is there any way I could get them?
^attachment Edit:whoops too slow, what a crappy 100th post
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid Has kitonbrioni ever posted a picture of his/her fits? http://whatareyouwearingtoday.blogspot.com/ enjoy
Quote: Originally Posted by 0b5cur1ty Popping in again from the other side to troll.
itchin to spend beause of high CAD.
I'm probrably going to pick these up ss11
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