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Anyone have any experiance with blanc & noir's foorwear? Wondering what thier leather quality is like.
crohnoes I ordered some stuff from uniqlo from him, I gotta say hes the best proxy I've used. Fast responses, Great communication and quick shipping. If you need a UK proxy hes definitely your guy.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 I completely forgot Kelv had those, did he sell his already? I think his was a size 1 and he was one of the few who suggested a size 2 from iirc. I only browse SuFus marketplace and the guy Takuya has a lot of Julius stuff, he's selling the Julius Rider that just looks awesome. He also has that moto version of that jut neck 5-zip-like jacket for sale, sadly their all size 1. I've heard from a few people...
Also need a UK proxy to canada, PM me please
another julius leather green TOJ bomber brown buttero b1101s black leather gloves black leather bag
Best: Julius 08 jut neck TOJ duffle v1 TOJ Pea grey attachment jeans black Heutchy leather boots w+h chinos x 2 Worst dior 19cm obey chinos j crew chinos TOJ varsity (too small) filippa k boots
If I had to guess i'd say shirt: BoO knit: NDG shoes: rachel comey
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol i guess this is just as good as gilt shipping to canada I hope so, so many missed deals over the years...
it looks incredibly warm, I also have to wait for fit pics before I can decide if I can pull it off or not
^ I gotta say, thats a fantastic fit, that leather is probably 2nd in line on my toj kop list, after the fishtail parka, gettin real cold here.
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