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rohde88 hooked me up with a US proxy. great transaction,
Quote: Originally Posted by rohde88 I'm working with netsua to get the sweater in his size to Canada. If anyone needs help while wax is unavailable, I charge his same prices and have references. However, I do this as favor, not to make a profit so go back to wax once he's settled in. transaction went very smoothly! fast communication/purchasing.
Looking at some t-shirts from Alt Apparel. I'm a true size xs (44). Am I outa luck?
Wax I need your services US->CANADA proxy services again...please check your PMs
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one What is the oriental font that Wannabe keeps using? I think its called Rickshaw
Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 From that picture it looks like a real camera, not a cell phone. Outfit looks good, man. What color is it and is it lamb or calf? How long did you wait? Its my cellphone (n95) Thanks everyone color is dark grey, lamb. I put in the order Mar 15 I've been pretty fortunate with the fittings of my all leathers.
One day I will buy a real camera
Got my min DR, if anyone wants pics I can take em
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji Jackets huge on you and you look too young to wear that kind of clothing. Your blogs really annoying me, your 16 stop writing about your emotions and romance. it's mensfashionjournal! he had one of the best blogs/posts on sf.
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