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Quote: Originally Posted by kinetic A lot of the photos I've seen of the chinos for S/S show them cuffed. Do you know if this is just for the stock photo or if they are hemmed with a cuff? I just did a search, I can't find a pic of them. Care to post a link?
Sorry to bump this thread again. im looking for a pair of slim fit chinos but I am in Canada. everywhere I look I cant seem to find nice ones. I need a 29w with around 7" leg opening.
hey kiya im thinking of buying a pair of grim tim dirt organic (whenever you get the back in stock) i wanted them to fit a bit looser, exactly like this picture (**AFTER STREACHING**): my waist size (i measured 2cm below the belly button) is around 29.5, what size should i get? thanks in advance
i dont really know, I live in Canada and $30 seems like alot of money, so much that the discount doesnt mean that much.
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