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Hi, I'm thinking of purchasing a pair of RL Darltons as my oneshoe. I'm a little concerned about the sizing. I hear they fit about a half size too big? I usually wear a size 10 US in most shoes. Does size 9.5 sound right?2nd question:I'm having the same problem with a pair of shoes(See pic below), does anyone know the cause of this?
can anyone speak on the quality of blanc and noir shoes?
Have you sent out shipping notifications yet? or do I still have hope
Drew, are you still considering doing a minimalist duffle?
Saw my first TOJ out in the wild today. CWU-45 Downtown Toronto under scotia plaza. perfect fit too. I wanted to say something to him, but he was on the phone.
Do you know if the chesterfield is reemerging?
Looking for a pair of paul smith york boots, size 8.5 uk (10us, I hear they fit a bit big) in like new condition.
The new duffle is nice but I must agree that I'm not really a fan of the leather flaps/new wrist straps. I hope the chesterfield stays close to the original, that thing was perfect.
OK thanks, I am officially in the TOJ silver club then.
oh...I hope so. I haven't got the 'confirmation' reply yet.
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