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N - I thought you were off G&G?
Durn tootin'
Any leather will wear through if subjected to conditions conducive to aforesaid wear. I've not heard of normal use resulting in wear through of a suede shaft. Got pics?
BB is generally pathetically ignorant about the lasts of their shoes. If you know it's a TB, then just order the size you'd normally wear in that last. BB does have a good return policy.
Who can? It does have a heel, so it's not really a flat walker.
I've had the Alden crepe and found it to be very stable on icy parking lots and the like.
Another navel-gazing update - customs just released them, so it appears to be a situation similar to that described by Ironist.
If you're a C, then a D will be too wide. I wear the same size in the TB and Barrie lasts.Trying to compare boot and shoe lasts is tricky. Buy a pair that are returnable and try them is my free advice.E.g., I wear 1/2 size smaller in boots than in shoes, except for the Barrie - same size in both. Good luck.
Try a little polish on the spots and brush. They'll fade away after a bit.
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