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I've tried on the ExII and it is certainly bulkier than the DJII. Feels more like a Sub.So, yes, the DJII wears lighter. good luck
Thanks - should have mentioned that the Classic side doesn't like them.
Thank you. It's blue and I share your feeling about the ExII. If you don't need a tool watch then the DJII is an excellent all arounder.
A no date Sub C is about 2k less, so if you want to go on the cheap.....All things being equal, I'd go for the BLNR seeing as you have the Speedy. If you do get tired of it you can readily sell it.Either one will be an excellent addition to your collection, IMO.
Not much love for my Navy CXL PTB's - but I like them.
Hard to beat, Frills.
Great look, C.
Only your foot knows. See if you can buy a returnable pair - or, just use the time-honored SF tradition: flip 'em.
Normally, you'd go up 1/2 size and stay with the same width.
(found an old action shot)Cheers!
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