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^ Thanks, guys.
Great line-up, Frills. 3 different time zones?
The reason is marketing - Rolex spends more on it than any other watch mfg.Having said that, a Rolex is as close to cash as you can get - very easy to sell or trade -thanks to the marketing.
Clearly, it's personal preference. I like silver/blue but not gold/blue. I'm on the fence about gold/black and I do like silver/black. There are thousands who don't agree with me.I don't think all watches need to pop - in fact, I find too much pop = flashy, which I don't care for, especially.And, to each his own.
kewl, dude.
Anyone have experience with Jaquet Droz as far as reliability, service, and so on? Thanks
The 64 has a wet look to it, Namor.
Now that's a Sub man.
Truer words seldom spoken. Thank you.
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