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I guess the items in your cart were part of the extra sale? If not, no discount on the sale price.
Did you try it on? How's the fit?
Looking fantastic as usual, Cleave.
Agree with Steve's observations except having pull tabs won't stop me from buying a pair that I like.Then I just put up with the catching - which isn't always all bad when wearing casual (if you like the rumpled, work wear look).I usually notice when the cuff is caught on the tab and can make shake it loose and move on without too much trouble.
I'd follow Namor's advice -- and all things being equal, the last two would go first IMO.
Looks great.
Nice combo - I have a similar trad suit.
Very nice.
Anyone buying these will certainly get the shaft.
Namor, if we wore the same size you wouldn't have to place an ad - just send them to me at your asking. Can't believe these are still available.
New Posts  All Forums: