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I think you're right. (nice socks, btw)
Any good shoe repair should be able to put in eyes for you.
Looking good, you two.
Just use any good brown polish. Unless there's an issue that I'm not aware of?
Awesome! Thanks, mate.I was within a hair of buying the Burgundy/Old Rose when I bought the Midnight/Twilight but chickened out.
ID help, please. This make-up for Hardy Amies looks like Burgundy Antique with Old Rose on the shaft - can anyone confirm? Leffot had a Shannon IX with Old Rose on the lace which looks similar to me. HARDY AMIES LEFFOT Thanks!
Only a tough guy can pull these off.
Thanks - I like the make-up and the 202 looks very nice on the Galway, I think.I also like the 1/2 Dainite - they're about 1/2 the thickness of a regular Dainite and much light and more flexible.
Sorry - left you off the multi quote.rosewood cc and tobacco suede on 202, 1/2 Dainite
Almost - 1/2 DainiteGents of distinction and exquisite taste.
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