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The bottoms look like gnatty's Fryes.
I think you're on to something, mate.
Zug, Zug, Zug!
My Glencoe saga continues.Thanks to @laufer @mw313 @NewStart @computingboy91 for commenting and sharing. [[SPOILER]] I measured 4 boots - 2 G&G's, 1 EG (all UK 9.5E) and an Alden 10D, by lining up the heel cup. All but the EG are the same length. The EG is about 1/8" shorter.Kudos to the estimable @Diabolical who pm'd me this:" https://i.imgur.com/0HprWHB.jpgHere's another guy's pair:https://i.imgur.com/RR7NhpD.jpgMy pair is very similar as well. "So, it appears that the...
Really, too cute for words.Get him some commando soles!
Thanks, gents!
Cheers, Dino!
OK, but of the two he asked about white is easier to read. If one is truly interested in a legible subdial then there are better options, but they won't be Rolex.
If you're interested in reading the subdials, then white it the best option.
OK, thanks. Just ordered a different color and will work on it.
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