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^ Love those Cigars!
I got it on a couple of shirts.
$138 + ACTUAL SHIPPING 100% heavy cotton - Indigo New, unworn, retails at $595 Typical RRL trim fit - fits and looks FANTASTIC! Measured in inches, laid flat: Shoulder 18 Chest 20 Sleeve 25.5 Length 25 (bottom of collar) Waist 19 (above stretch knit)
Ralph Lauren Darlton Plain Toe Blucher. Tan Shell Cordovan. Double Leather Sole. $375 + actual shipping/offer NOTE: I call this color Tan as it's lighter than brown, but this model came in a variety of tan/brown shades. This particular pair is of the lighter variety and presents similar to Horween Ravello. Part of my closet cleaning - I have not worn these shoes in ages, so I'm giving them a chance in the world. Size: US 10.5 - fits true-to-size IMO, but I can't...
Alden Natural Chrome Excel Plain Toe Boot in Modified Last 9.5D (fits 10D) $248 + actual shipping----OFFER Worn a handful of times. Some character marks at no extra charge! No heel wear down No insole wear-in (I wear custom orthotics) Box and bags included Best fits a higher instep foot - great support and comfort >>>>see The Shoemart video describing the Modified last on their site. The Shoemart blurb: Bootmaker Edition plain toe boot 5 exposed eyelets and 4 speed...
Great price.
Well, not necessarily into someone.
I know Airdale, but what's Oorang? Lucky he doesn't have a taste for leather.
That's right - for shell, at least.
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