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Just bad photography, I'm afraid. White at 3, 6, and 9 and plain steel for the rest.
OK - just took a couple shots.
Looking good, gents. I swapped out my Datejust II 116300 for an 114300 no date, preferring the dateless dial.(please excuse the dial glare)
A boring Dark Oak Cadogan on the 202 just arrived.
Everyone's looking so nice!
Lovely, Zippy.
Splash up your Spring look! Lot of 3 new (2 with tags) beautiful bowties - unworn (Drakes is missing the tag) Drakes - blue multi Ancient Madder silk made in London; retail about $140 Barneys NY - blue silk made in Italy; retail $75 Alexander Ochs - blue/brown plaid wool made in US of English material; retail $110 Shipped CONUS - International + $25.
Saved 600 bucks, then.
To butt in: Grant.
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