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Had a pr of Arran's that started delaminating at the tip. Sent back to Nick at Bespoke and he had them repaired at G&G and he covered the postage. This was before he started at G&G. @Steven Cash - I'd recommend letting Dean give it another shot - what do you have to lose? Cheers.That tongue misalignment is annoying. I have a pr of Alden with that conditio. I may try @DWFII cure - thanks for the tip!
Awesome, man!
I have the shirt and it doesn't look especially red to me either - I'd call it more of a light coral or terra cotta, with a hint of red, maybe.
Hang dry is the way to go.
Depending on color, I'm probably in.
OK, then.
Aren't brown and black diverse enough?
OK! Didn't want the mink lining?
Great boots! A pair a month is good.
Love those EG's, Jazz.
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