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Looking good, you two.
Just use any good brown polish. Unless there's an issue that I'm not aware of?
Awesome! Thanks, mate.I was within a hair of buying the Burgundy/Old Rose when I bought the Midnight/Twilight but chickened out.
ID help, please. This make-up for Hardy Amies looks like Burgundy Antique with Old Rose on the shaft - can anyone confirm? Leffot had a Shannon IX with Old Rose on the lace which looks similar to me. HARDY AMIES LEFFOT Thanks!
Only a tough guy can pull these off.
Thanks - I like the make-up and the 202 looks very nice on the Galway, I think.I also like the 1/2 Dainite - they're about 1/2 the thickness of a regular Dainite and much light and more flexible.
Sorry - left you off the multi quote.rosewood cc and tobacco suede on 202, 1/2 Dainite
Almost - 1/2 DainiteGents of distinction and exquisite taste.
Freaking unreal, dude!
Might fine.
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