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Man, those are fine, Tt.
You are a cool dude, Dylanda.
What is this guy talking about?
More like a crossover - urban outings only.
Not bad, Frills.
Sharp! What's the watch?
Cool - just ordered.
Ready for your Spring presentation at a bargain price. 2" width makes a neat knot - not overly large like a wider knit tie and is perfect for your suits, blazers, or sweaters. LIKE NEW - No tags, pretty sure I haven't worn these - maybe tried on, maybe not - not sure why the tags are off. JCrew Medium Navy lists for $69.50 POLO Brick lists for $95 BROOKS BROTHERS Black w/blue tip lists for $79.50 Standard lengths - 56-58" All made in Italy. Shipped CONUS -...
How'd you like them?
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