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Awesome, as they say.
^Love the Ravellos and Whiskey!
LIKE NEW - 99% non smoking house - worn only for a try-on -- absolutely no wear down - (these are really NWB - minor shop wear if in a store - but I did try them so I'm selling as pre-owned) Alden USA Longwing Bluchers Shell Cordovan in Color 8 (burgundy) 9.5D Barrie last - Alden says that this fits a US 10D >>>>> Commando Soles for any weather
Barely worn - 99% very light wear marks on only part of the soles and heels non smoking house Perfect for any dress - up/down - raw denim, suits, etc. These look like a sharp dress shoe until the grain upper reveals a more casual twist. Edward Green Claverton Balmoral - Galosh Made-To-Order Custom details - Black Country Calf upper over Black Calf Punched toes and heels UK 10D - 82 last - fits US 10.5 with Box, Bags, Lasted Trees Single leather sole Very light wear - no...
^ nice grain, J.
Brick? You talkin' BRICK? This'll PUMP YOU UP!
I agree.Lighter than a brick - it is ceramic.
I meant the Dark and Grey Moons - I tried a Grey on the other day and it seems to be about as thick as a Seamaster chrono. It looks pretty sharp and feels good on the wrist - slid under my shirt without problem.I wonder if the prices will hold up better than the other styles?
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