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I think from LS, but I don't recall exactly. It's possible I ordered it from the UK with a shoe order some time ago.
Nice beach wear, mate.You do get around - looking good, but I thought it was black shoes only in town?
Very nice collection, CT.
EG dark brown works fine for me. I haven't noticed much, if any, change in color other than the initial darkening expected from any polish.
$50! I usually pay 35 or so - JCrew sale.
Thanks - it would be. Are you looking?
No doubt - he's the man.
Now here's a wild combo that I missed when originally posted - worth a repost.
I meant DD. Thick soles are too hard on my feet, what with orthotics and all. I like something with more flex, e.g., Alden flex-welt.I can wear a single Dainite.
Very sharp!
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