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Love the 210!
Just a note: the "42mm" ROO wear extremely large - a bit less dial than the 47, but real big nonetheless. Both look fine on you, imo.
Pretty cool, zippy - looks like you're practicing the first position in the last two pics.
Don't recall exactly, but the price was satisfactory - if I lost anything it was just a few hundred. I usually sell to a grey dealer that I've done a lot of business with, buying, selling, trading.I prefer that to selling it in an ad - faster and no worries. PM and I'll give you the name if you want. Good luck with the deal, bro!
Shit - you're right.- thanks for straightening me out, bro!
I like indigo. It's all the rage now. I imagine going to someone's home (boss, in-laws, finace's parents, etc) wearing my indigo selvedge and sweater and being invited to sit on a beautiful, silk upholstered chair.Maybe I say: "Thanks, anyway, but I prefer to stand." or if it's a dinner and they have light upholstered chairs, "I have to eat standing up due to a folding colon." Or, worse, I forgetfully sit down.Man, sometimes I think it's more trouble than it's worth.
Ha! I know the dude. Years ago I started getting suspicious for the reasons you stated. Raw cases, he says.I still get tempted, though, occasionally.
Kind of apples and oranges, isn't it? Anyway, maybe my experience will help. I had a PAM 449 (47mm Rad) and while I loved the dial, it wore so much larger than others that I was constantly wavering.I ended up selling it, then bought it back because I missed it.So, my free advice would be to keep the PAM and buy the Lange if you really want it. Or, you can always buy the PAM back later.
Had the same problem - couldn't get it adjusted to my liking. Glad you found a solution.Cheers!
^Beautiful! You appear to be a strap changer.
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