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Condolences to @JLibourel, @gomestarand @VaderDave - always very sad.
Isn't the key concept, "never ordered" = "unsolicited" = "gift"?But, whatever floats your boat.
This isn't correct.This is.
RRL Barneys Chamois Alden
Robert Talbot
There's no doubt that RRL is superior to JCrew - and is priced to reflect that.I don't have that pant, but I'm sure it'll soften up with wear and washing.As a general rule I don't wash hot and I always hang dry unless some shrinking is required, then I may put them in the dryer and get them hot - but not for too long.Good luck with the button - I returned a couple pair that wouldn't button, having decided that the holes were too small or the buttons too thick.WHITMORE...
E is good.
Had a pr of Arran's that started delaminating at the tip. Sent back to Nick at Bespoke and he had them repaired at G&G and he covered the postage. This was before he started at G&G. @Steven Cash - I'd recommend letting Dean give it another shot - what do you have to lose? Cheers.That tongue misalignment is annoying. I have a pr of Alden with that conditio. I may try @DWFII cure - thanks for the tip!
Awesome, man!
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