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Nice C&J's Crabby.Another C&J from this year's sale.
Looking good, everyone (except the Velcro, maybe.....)
Missed this yesterday, Namor. A great shot, my friend. Had it happen to me more than once.
Very nice, BP.
Diggin' the socks.
Good one, Cleve.
Just the best - cannot beat it for the money. Many agree that JL is superior to EG and G&G in look, leathers, fit, and comfort. Versatile Claret (burgundy) butter soft leather. Brand new with box and bags. Wear these with anything and almost any color (I probably wouldn't do black, but about anything else should work). Outside measurements 12 3/8 x 4" Shipping CONUS $20; International $60
Nice one Cleav
Anyone else get this note? Wasn't someone selling something like this a few yrs ago? Vicuna or something... Conversation between tony14 and me tony14 Jun 13, 2014 at 4:45 am Hello sir, I used to be a member of this site before they remodeled into the new site, I'm only waiting 15 days to be able to make a posting. I have a 100% vicuna brioni sportcoat, but here is the ebay listing if you are interested: http://www.ebay.com/itm/261504653625? Being a gentleman...
Very nice, if a bit poncified.
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