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You could use another pair of boots, dd.
You're going wild lately, sb.
Great looks - and who said you can't do denim and denim?
No longer made: new Ballantyne cashmere Lorne Waistcoat - vest 2 ply tightly woven in Claret - burgundy - bourgogne Over $600 retail price is shipped CONUS "Ballantyne was one of the great knitwear brands." (Permanent Style, Sept 25, 2013) http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2013/09/get-the-last-ballantyne-cashmere-ever.html Size UK 42 - about a US 38-9, or a trim 40, In inches laid flat Chest 20 Shoulder 17 Waist 17 Length 28
NAVY STRIPE IS SOLD Standard length about 59-60" About 2 7/8" wide New, unworn - Will ship CONUS for $40 - International is $25 flat rate Priority Mail - but let me know if you're interested - we can probably work something out.
Maybe a JCrew boot.
Oh yeah.
Very nice.
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