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Great combo. And I like your others, too.
Another combo I love, uncle.
Hard to beat that.
Good point. I don't wear a double leather or full Dainite for that reason.
Also a very nice combo.
Love that combo, uncle.
How true. And congrats on your Chelseas - hard to beat.Here's a couple straps with Zugs - I think the Vintager Corojo (not shown) has more red which would look nice.Even thought these aren't all 'matches' a couple of them are in the range, I think. The 2nd shot is in daylight.The ammo strap looks very good with the boots, but it may not work on your Red Sub.Micah's very helpful if you want to get in touch with him.
Suspect or know, mate?
Or Zugs.
Mike, just fiddle around with it a bit and it'll be fine, esp. after you wear it a few times.I used to get worked up when I'd get Aldens with an apparent defect, but truly, unless it interferes with the actual wearing of the shoe, most will fade in time and become virtually unnoticed.Great looking shoes, man.
New Posts  All Forums: