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I doubt if any dealer will give you 0% financing and a discount.All the Luminors you mentioned are readily available - high 3K to 5ish, depending on age and papers, etc. Check out TRF, P.com, TZ, etc.The height of the Luminor is something you need to get used to, although it's really no different in wrist presence than several of the deep rated dive watches - e.g., Omega 600m, etc. or the Frill's fantastic DEEPSEA shown above.There are 512's available also - probably...
Don't forget ALDEN OF CARMEL - 3 sellers in one convenient site.
I believe that the vernacular is "...hit you in the ass."Not sure why - on seems more apropos.
Very cool. I have a similar one, obtained on Okinawa, but don't know if it's a fireman's coat. Very sturdy - had it for years.
Very nice.
You must be a shoe guy.
Most cobblers will have a stock of hooks, but you may have trouble getting a match.
Good advice.
Whine: I'm buying too many boots.
Ready for Hawaii!
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