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Very nice, if a bit poncified.
Quite the expert, I see.
There's already a few out there for sale. Won't be that exclusive, me thinks. Why didn't they make it in 42?
PONCIFIED - popularized by CTBrummie on the shoe threads; esp. re. EG Galways.
Kaplan - wonderful pics of you and your appropriate pieces which showcase your robust lifestyle - well done! I'm surprised that you haven't gotten some flack from the poncified types here who shudder at anything over 36mm.
Also, you can keep track of time for any purpose - up to an hour - say, parking meters or cooking pasta. Very handy!
mamma mia!
Looks very nice - rugged.
Agree. A bit much.BTW, on the EG thread they say that MTO's are taking about 5 months. I've been waiting for some Thorpes which were ordered in Nov. I know they moved and all, but really.
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