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Fantastic!Still thinking about getting in on the next kudu order.
Darn cute - and the golden and deer are nice, too.
They'll probably even out some as they wear in. If they're comfy, I'd keep them.
SOLD -- Alden for Unionmade Norwegian Front McCoppin Boot in Hunting Green Suede Single Water lock Soles in BARRIE Last 9.5D (fits US 10D) Reverse Welt, Natural Stained Edges, Box and bags included No heel wear down, No insole wear-in (I wear custom orthotics) Worn lightly less than 5x Outside measurements 12 7/8 x 4 1/2" List $560 International Priority Mail is about $40 extra, sorry - but, I'm open to dealing
True to size (Barrie). Bought these for sloppy weather.
+1 ^
Only one word: Snazzy.Pretty cool - not something that's seen everyday.
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