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Well done!
Wow - what a combo, Mike.
Nice cigars, gents.
The coolest - ready for your Spring styling. Alden x Leffot Navy Chromexcel and White Calf Longwings. Double Leather soles Unworn Brand new International please add $35 shipping
^very nice
Unworn - black buffalo grain, navy suede, Vibram soles with brass tacks. Chisel last Retail $1650 non-smoking house Named after the patron saint of cobblers, Saint Crispin’s is a company proud to hand make shoes individually, and of the utmost quality. Produced in the classical Austro-Hungarian style, with full formed counters through the arch, hand welted soles and pegged waists, the Saint Crispin shoe is the culmination of over 45 hours production time. Each shoe is...
Wild, Jazz.
Nice whiskey's guys.
CLEAN - Not worn very much at all - maybe 4 or 5x - and very lightly - no long stretches. No sole wear down or insole wear-in. Patina will continue to develop conforming to your feet and wear style. Outside measurements about: 4.5 x 12 7/8" Retail $635 with shipping.
Certainly the values professed by the relative are different than mine and, no doubt, yours.
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