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How'd he get killed, then? You don't expect me to read the damn article, I hope.
I think the point is that an unknown intruder broke into the home. Does the homeowner know that the perp is a teenager? What's the intent of the perp - theft, bodily harm? Put yourself in the homeowner's place.
As compared to Racing Green or Blue or some such.You never know.Cheers!
I had the same trepidation, but decided that the blue just gave it a modern twist.
Cheers, mate.
That's my take on it as well. Also, it's 39mm v. 41 for the DJII. https://monochrome-watches.com/rolex-oyster-perpetual-39mm-114300-2015-review-price/Here's some better shots (except for some plastics around the bezel that I hadn't noticed):
Looking good, merick.
Excellent business attire, Francks.
Fantastic Tom - love your Westie, too!
Don't worry about your language skills here, Andres. The pictures speak for themselves.Cheers,Jim
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