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Same here - I'm getting to like suede more and more and shell much less. I guess if I was wearing shell for hard work and hiking it'd be ok, but otherwise, meh.(Hope we don't get banned from a couple threads - esp. the one I started!)SORRY, PATRIK!
A daily ritual.
I had a pr with a similar off center toe stitch which I returned. Very poor craftsmanship.
+ Chiplote's complimentary antibiotics.
Nearly dead ringers, I'd say. Good combo w/the shearling.I like the looks, but the G&G's seem too elevated, kind of like platforms. Or, maybe I'm full of it.
RRL and Alden Chamois NFT
A variation:
Thanks for the link. Pretty cool boots, but a bit aggressive in the sole for me.
There are a few experts on this thread who can no doubt shed some light on this behavior for you. My 2 cts. for what it's worth.I do know that laying your head on a dog can be perceived as submissiveness by the dog and can get you a growl or a nip. If that's the case it is past time for you to address the issue before a kid gets bit.Really should not be a big deal, depending on your dog's temperament - brutality is not required - but you do need to address it. I had a...
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