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About: Hartford was launched in Paris in 1979. Mixing vintage European styles with a more relaxed American aesthetic, the label has gained a cult following for its easy-to-wear pieces, which are perfect for dressing down stylishly. ISP PROBS - RELISTED
This is a very nice casual jacket - cheap enough so you don't have to worry about some stains when you're out getting hammered. I apparently removed the store tag, but by the time I got around to wearing it, I'd gained a bit and it's snug. Tried on, not worn - non-smoking house. Lots of refs - I don't sell junk. CONUS shipping $15 Irish linen fabric Removable throat latch Two button extra buttons included Measured in inches laid flat chest 21 waist 18 shoulders...
A small step at a time, Frank.
very nice
Bummer. You just never know. Trial and error is pretty expensive - I'm an expert.
BeautifulSnazzyLike 'em both, rollerLooking good, Jr.
Thanks, Unc.
Nice C&J's Crabby.Another C&J from this year's sale.
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