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REDUCED - 419 + ACTUAL SHIPPING Tan Country Calf Straight Tip Boot Retail is $595 New - sharp - box and bags. Style number D5839 HC 10D Grant last fits true-to-size. Shipping in contiguous US. Elsewhere, please inquire. Tan Country Calf Straight Tip Boot Tan Country Calf Straight Tip Boot, Combination Leather + Commando Outsole Grant Last The pictured straight tip boot is made using the following high quality Alden construction and materials: Full leather...
Pams are widely sold on all the forums you mentioned. Most of the dealers will give you a fair trade-in value if you don't want to sell directly - and they'll send you a mailing label.
Maybe you want them and then decide you don't. It seems like the socialists crop up when they want to get a rare pair cheap. Let's see: supply, demand, price allocation, markets........
Very lucky, indeed. They're a one-off special order. Not in anyone's supply, unfortunately.Would have been happy to share the news, had there been any news to share.
Cool, Cleve.
Nice wingtips, guys. And the green boot is pretty cool, @wooksb.
The darker vamp/lighter shaft looks pretty good.
Just in from my pusher.
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