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Wild, Jazz.
Nice whiskey's guys.
CLEAN - Not worn very much at all - maybe 4 or 5x - and very lightly - no long stretches. No sole wear down or insole wear-in. Patina will continue to develop conforming to your feet and wear style. Outside measurements about: 4.5 x 12 7/8" Retail $635 with shipping.
Certainly the values professed by the relative are different than mine and, no doubt, yours.
Ah ha - I read the article and apparently there was an altercation as the break-in artist was leaving. If the homeowner felt threatened then she could use force to protect herself.So, the shooting was not about theft, but about self defense. Perhaps.
How'd he get killed, then? You don't expect me to read the damn article, I hope.
I think the point is that an unknown intruder broke into the home. Does the homeowner know that the perp is a teenager? What's the intent of the perp - theft, bodily harm? Put yourself in the homeowner's place.
As compared to Racing Green or Blue or some such.You never know.Cheers!
I had the same trepidation, but decided that the blue just gave it a modern twist.
Cheers, mate.
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