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Thanks. You know, they're Zugs, not some poncified boot for mincing around the mall.
The double straps are very sharp. Now, back to the Zugs:
OK - I can certainly feel your pain.Southern exposure - the first was northern light.
I often have a similar issue with my right shoe - buy a stretcher (I think I got one from Shoebuy) and that'll help the tight boot. Got one originally for my wife's shoes and it worked wonders.
You don't need it on leather, but it probably wouldn't hurt. Can't say I've ever sprayed other than suede. In fact, that reminds me - neglected to spray these:
Nice boots Dijor and Namor.
Same here.Zugs
Right-o. Bugger 'em!
I think from LS, but I don't recall exactly. It's possible I ordered it from the UK with a shoe order some time ago.
Nice beach wear, mate.You do get around - looking good, but I thought it was black shoes only in town?
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