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^There you go, Steve-o. Great looking piece.
Thanks, D. - I know you do. Thanks, mate.
There's the rub. Many of A&S' other pieces are pretty low end, so if you're going to shell out $11k, maybe you want to look around - then the more you look the more you wonder....then your buying urge grinds to a halt. Which may not be a bad thing.
Speaking of moons, this I like:
There's 2 or 3 of these new for sale on the forums. Hodinkee thinks that future service would be expensive.Thanks for the first hand impressions.
Great find, Namor. A bargain to be sure.
As has been stated many times in this thread - every foot is different and the only was to be certain is to try it on. Based on my experience you'd be going UP 1/2.
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