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If you can't get a fitting then it's probably not really a $1000 risk - flippability (is that a word?) should get you at least 70% back if unworn except for try on (depending on the model and color combo).
copy that - I couldn't quite make it out on the box.
Thanks, gents.Details from the box:Bottom GE8 + RUB (GEB corrected to GE8 per MMM tifosi.)Mat. BUF-BCKColor 058and, of course, it's a 401 on the chisel last.I'm not sure what the codes mean - maybe Midnight suede and blackgrain of some kind.Dress Dainite soles which I greatly prefer to the leather for my climate.I'll see if I can find out more.Just received this from the estimable Gabriel at Skoak:That would be the Buffalo leather and Nubuck (slightly thinner suede, called...
Several years since I've had a pair of St C. From the Leffot sale:
Yours look a little lighter in real life than do the Skoak site pics. Beautiful, nonetheless. Cheers!
Well done, patrick!
Beauts, t. What color and leather?
Thanks - but that price. I thought there wasn't inflation...
Very sharp, pc.
What G&G last? I wear the same size in both brands, but a width narrower in EG.
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