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Congrats - great boot.Fantastic DV; thanks for the pics. Mine are due Monday.(also, love the olives )
I was also told no returns on these.
you Time to flip, amigo.
Nice wholecuts, you two. Everyone looks so fine on this page.
Many thanks, man - amazingly I just snagged a pair!
Free shipping and returns.
^Same here.
Part of my closet cleaning - too many shoes and boots! MORE THAN 1/2 OFF - Alden NAVY Chrome Excel Plain Toe Blucher for The Shoemart - Bootmaker Edition List $551 - $245 + actual shipping - OFFER in BARRIE Last 9.5D (fits US 10D) Double Leather Soles Reverse Welt Natural Stained Edges No heel wear down No insole wear-in (I wear custom orthotics) Original box and bags included (box has some water spots) Outside measurements 12 7/8 x 4 1/2" The Shoemart blurb: Bootmaker...
New Posts  All Forums: