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Cool shot, unc.
Well, it ain't Zug. You know, in all the excitement I don't remember if I ordered 5 pair or 6 pair - so, you gotta ask yourself: "Are you feeling Zuggy? Well, are ya punk?"
Just received: Delivery on the way to you. Sender Name Svenska Skoaktiebolaget Email sales@skoaktiebolaget.se
WINDOWS 8.1 - takes a long time to load the ads, esp. the top right banner which changes from page to page. HAPPENS ON ANY SITE WITH ADS, NOT JUST HERE. ANYONE HAVE AN IDEA TO MAKE THIS WORK FASTER? iT'S A MAJOR PAIN. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Navy CXL - brushed only. A little lightening at the creases.
I don't believe that they'll darken that much. They're made to have some kind of color variation, like shell does. I don't know about brown turning black - sounds atypical to me.Like these guys ^ said, it depends on what you use. I treat mine like shell, wipe and brush for the most part. Any product you put on will darken them.
I think that's the point of the natural CXL, it quickly looks worn in, like you've had them for years.
Look great.
That's what I have been saying, "a broad."
Hope it's not a call girl.
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