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You're a good man, Namor!This is also pounding the US watch market. I have a great idea - let's threaten to default on the US debt! That'll restore faith in the dollar! Fuck yeah!
Looking good, Namor.
I like some of the Alden calf more than the shell - price/fit-wise.
That's correct. Other lasts are much too poncified for a rugged boot.
That's a great looking boot. The grain leather should wear in to a nice patina - but it'll take some time (I'd go easy on the polish and no waterproofing if you want the patina).
I'm offering them right now at only 25% premium + shipping and fees. Don't wait!
Apparently yours fit Roger - good on ya mate!
Good luck, mate - I'm in the same boat!
The saddest part of all this is that 1/3 - 1/2 of those who ordered probably ordered blind, i.e., guessed at their size in the 64, and will be trying to flip their Zugs for 10% off, then 20% then....how low will they have to go?
New Posts  All Forums: