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Nice Tankers, Don L.
Here's an update on my Canterbury saga (originally on the Skoak thread). I'd scuffed the toe on the 1st time out and was moaning. A few tips from @laufer @mw313 @NewStart @computingboy91 @Diabolical assured me that a little work would render the blem virtually unnoticeable. So, buying some Saphir product and a deer bone: BEFORE AFTER (Today in different lighting.) Thanks for the advice, guys - worked out very well.
Hell yeah
Very pretty, t. A nice patina is developing.
Excellent, guys!
Nice tankers, patrick.
Brand new, unworn, non-smoking home. List is about $725 or more. Perfect for walking in icy, sloppy or good weather. Outside measurements roughly 12 3/4" x 4 1/2" Fits US 10D Can ship about anywhere if there's a reasonable chance of delivery.
A fine looking crew, Patrik.
Very nice.
The most versatile of the suede colors. Brand new, unworn -- non-smoking home. Box and bags Commando soles New - $620
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