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The empty cases of beer may explain why you have so many socks, mate.
Probably just trying to sort out her place in your house - a little dominance behavior. Don't want to let that get out of hand, but as L. said, may not mean much at that age. Although difficult with puppies, it's good to treat her more like a dog than a teddy bear.
^ Everyone looks so nice. Had a rough day - at my wife's insistence I sorted through my socks. Really embarrassing to see how many I have.
Right - and since you have them, walk around on carpet and see how they crease for you. If not to your liking, return them.
Thanks for the review - I was looking at all three.
Brand new. List is $685. Color 8 Plain Toe Bluchers with crepe/leather walking sole - the ultimate in comfort! Wear all year round. 9.5D Barrie last fits US 10D, sayeth Alden. Make an offer!
GD, Stevey - homerun.
New Posts  All Forums: