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Too many pockets to loosen up much. I wanted to like that jacket, but ended up passing for a cleaner look.
Great boot, sklark. And that's the right attitude for gashes
Fantastic combo, Watchman.
Retail price shipped = $740. Not even tried on. Any reasonable offer. Leffot's blurb: The Bristol boot puts a twist on our classic Greenwich boots. Instead of the rounded toe box of the Barrie last, the Bristol is made on the Plaza, with its square toe. We've done them in black shell cordovan on comfortable flex soles, which makes them great for dressing up or down. Features: Plaza Last, Black Shell Cordovan, Flex Soles Sizing: The Plaza Last runs true to size. We...
Nice, nice - what is the watch?
Namor is always experimenting.
Brand New Model D3403 Unionmade blurb: -Made in the USA. -Hunting green suede upper. -Brass agatine eyelets. -Round waxed laces. -Reverse all around welt in antique. -Antique edge with matching Goodyear stitch. -Heavy single waterlock outsole. -Barrie last. This last fits large, we recommend sizing down a half size. -ā€œDā€ width. -Made expressly for Unionmade. >>> feel free to make an offer
Thanks - maybe I was?
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