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Well, that certainly clears things up. Fucking cats.
Another lined work shirt from last winter. It's a little stretchier than the other one.
^ Doubtful
$35 ea for the wool and $45 ea for the cashmere (+ shipping). Lower unit cost for multiples and shipping included. International shipping is about $25 for flat rate envelope and $45 for flat rate box - sorry. All made in Italy Barneys NY Blue and Brown Cashmere 3 1/4" x just under 59" - new with tags Faconnable Blue Wool - without tags, but unworn. 3.5" x about 62" Polo Navy Wool Foulard - without tags, but unworn. 3.75" x about 58"
say what?
For you 35mm lovers: http://www.rolexforums.com/showthread.php?t=435788
Thanks - AnonymousismDiggin' the Tankers.
I feel your pain. Got lucky through a store when they had extra off - don't recall what I paid but it seemed pretty reasonable - as these things go.
^ Love the jodhpurs, uppr. RRL, Anonymousism, Alden
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