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Free shipping and returns.
^Same here.
Part of my closet cleaning - too many shoes and boots! MORE THAN 1/2 OFF - Alden NAVY Chrome Excel Plain Toe Blucher for The Shoemart - Bootmaker Edition List $551 - $245 + actual shipping - OFFER in BARRIE Last 9.5D (fits US 10D) Double Leather Soles Reverse Welt Natural Stained Edges No heel wear down No insole wear-in (I wear custom orthotics) Original box and bags included (box has some water spots) Outside measurements 12 7/8 x 4 1/2" The Shoemart blurb: Bootmaker...
Perfect fit.
You're right - I was thinking of the men's selections, which isn't too good at either.
Interesting. I'm sure that RL decided it was time to change the business model. At first I thought that they were picking on Detroit (area). There's also a Neiman and Saks at the mall where the RL store was and I've wondered why they remain.
Isn't there usually a June sale in the stores?
I've seen some with a slit in the tongue that the laces go thru.
The point of Natural CXL is that it looks worn in fast. I'd say yours are fine - they're work boots and you bought leather that makes them look old quickly. Isn't the idea of work wear to look like you're working or thinking about it, anyway?I recall Jon Carimanica writing in a review of Leffot that Steven came out in a week old pair of CXL longwings that looked like he'd been beating them up for 6 months. Jon was so impressed that he bought a pair of CXL Indy's as I...
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