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That'd look very nice, I think.They're EG Clavertons on the 82 with Country Calf uppers.
As in "too blue for you"?How about this one?
Sunday chillin' [[SPOILER]] meh - too many pics, sorry.
Thanks. They're Clavertons and I don't recall if they came that way or I had it added. Pretty sure that's how they come. But I couldn't remember if I threw out some old speakers so I ordered new ones.
Maiden voyage
Thanks, unc - midnight is much too late for me these days.
Thanks, mate - hope they fit. Maybe you'll get a good deal if they don't. I ordered them last November and sent a query this week asking for a cancellation if they weren't in process.Lo and behold I'm told that they're done! Pictures even.So where are they?Only Nick knows.
Yeah - if they exist.
Looking good Uncle and Stitch. Date night
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